Big Shakeup as the Criminals are Exposed

I could not be any happier.  What we have waited for—- during the last ten years of our national plunge into degradation and disintegration—-has now begun.

The possibility has now emerged for real justice to be carried out.   Justice is finally  possible because the American public has finally begun to wake up and realize that they have been lied to and swindled big time.   It is a serial crime perpetrated against us again and again.

The American people are now ready to have the lies they have been told totally demolished and, like many of our troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, are very angry at having been deceived, lied to, used and abused for the sake of lining the pockets of a few psychotic Oligarchs whose “control freak” personalities desire to make you a complete slave to tyranny.

The people of America will now demand a full accounting for the blatant financial crimes against the American people and the despicable inside false flag operation known as 911—-which afforded the excuse to rob America of its Constitution and Liberty and set our massively indoctrinated and brainwashed nation staggering off like zombies on a left right left right robotic march toward Empire—-which has been fueled and driven by State Terrorism—-with the goal of  Fascist Totalitarianism and World Hegemony by genocidal maniacs.

There is now revealed undeniable documented evidence—- (which is proof  in any legitimate court of law)—-that for a very long time now a very dark criminal cabal consisting of thugs and gangsters in three piece suits—-being run by violent and sadistic criminal sociopaths —-has been systematically and methodically carrying out an immoral and evil ultraviolent agenda through selfishly and brutally manipulating the peoples of the entire world—-while seeking supreme power through creating a global totalitarian Fascist dictatorship.

Most of the time this has been carried on covertly under the cover of falsely so-called “National Security.”  Secrecy and total lack of transparency (or any kind of accountability) is how they have always operated.

Their cover is now fully blown and they can hide no longer.

They were spawned by the fanatical megalomaniac racist and eugenic ideologies of both Hitler and Stalin.

This criminal cabal has used money, unbearable debt, war, energy monopoly, fraudulent derivities and bond markets, naked short selling, drugs,  sophisticated mind-control, aerosol spraying and poisonous food to enslave us,  provide lots of consummers for the “Sickness Industry,” dumb us down, rob us, poison us and control us through the use of continual lies, propaganda, chemical warfare, EM weaponry, mind-control and manufactured false-flag operations such as 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Now—-at last—-those who have been quietly gathering evidence—-which can be presented in a legitimate court of law—-have blown the lid off this huge global hoax. It is virulent, perverted, twisted and very sick beyond human imagination.  It began with the long criminal investigation carried on for over thirty years by Christopher Story who was murdered last year.  But—-his work goes on.

You may not get all the implications of this monumental revelation because you do not know about nor understand the historical background. Up until now, no one did.

So, in the following links just below I give you the well documented history.

This seminal one-of-a-kind work by David Wilcock (in several chapters) contains much material and references which explains what has been going on.

These are the very things which the Mainstream Media—which is fully owned by the very thugs and criminals directly involved in this huge criminal enterprise—would rather you not know about.

For exposing these things and loudly going public with them, David received personal threats of  torture and death.

His only safety was to get the information out as fast as he could.

So—-here it is.

Latest Articles from David Wilcock

   May o9, 2012

These developments hearld the final end of the Fascist New World Order.

This exposure is a victory for liberty and human decency which is unparalleled in all of history—-but—-it is only the very beginning of a whole lot more even greater events which will boggle the mind.

The bringing down of this despotic criminal cartel is happening at this time due to the consciousness shift we have already been experiencing and nothing will ever be the same. Yes—-it is indeed an unparalleled occurrence.

For who?

For you and me. For sanity on this planet. For human rights. For the restoration and establishment of the rule of common law. For liberty and freedom and justice for all. For the end of insane warfare. For full disclosure about our extraterrestrial neighbors. For genuine hope in our children’s future!

For those who may think this is all nonsense—-please find out the background before you become a premature conclusion pole vaulter.

First read the other White Hat Reports. Then discover the work of two gentlemen who are instrumental in bringing this world criminal abomination to a halt—-Christopher Story and Benjamin Fulford.

Please inform yourself about the background of this criminal fraud. It has now resulted in court evidence exposing continual High Treason being performed on a daily basis by many leaders of several countries both past and present.

The OWS movement pales in comparison to this. This evidence will make the OWS movement so large that it will be unstoppable no matter who or what violent force tries to usurp it—-like George Soros—-or defeat it—-like Wall Street and the criminal Banksters who stole trillions from us.

They will be put behind bars where they belong.

People all over the planet are fed up. They are thoroughly disgusted now that they have started to wake up and realize how they have been deceived, lied to, used, assaulted, robbed, enslaved and swindled.

But now—-comes a great awakening!

We are now well into an unprecedented shift of consciousness throughout the entire planet which will literally transform the human race!



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