The New Paradigm Begins As The Old Drowns In Its Own Corruption

The Consequence of Lies


Newtime Is Just Outside Your Door

The entire present dysfunctional system is now taking its last dying breath and they all well know it.  Their funds have been cut off.  They are broke.  Their full demise and full accountability is (at the most) months away.  Most likely this massive event will begin within weeks.  The evil and selfish plans of tyranny both financial and otherwise have utterly failed.

An entirely new paradigm is about to emerge which includes genuine human sovereignty and basic human rights — a transitional financial system based upon equity rather than debt — new transitional governments of all the G–5 nations — the end of all scarcity and poverty forever — the end of all war — the release of long suppressed super technologies which will heal our Mother Earth and set us off in an entirely new direction — and the full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence by the extraterrestrial intelligences themselves. 

They are and already have been our helpers, guides and mentors.  Not only that but they are our genetic relatives.  This shift is of a highly energetic and cosmic nature and our Galactic Family is not only fully aligned with it but is offering us the needed help to make these transitions as smoothly as possible.  The goal of their assistance is for us to rapidly return to full consciousness.  Because of the incoming cosmic energies and impending geological changes the help of our Galactic neighbors and their great technology is required. 

Our civilization has long been existing in a state of consciousness which can only be described as “amnesia.”  This is because long ago we volunteered for a very difficult mission — that is — we agreed to allow ourselves to take a plunge into this present highly dulled state of conscious awareness.

And we did so in order to explore through the course of many lifetimes (and gradually learn) the multifarious lessons that might be learned through existing in such a partial state of consciousness and having to survive in a hostile environment with almost no resources. 

We have all been extreme “survivalists.”  Now, that adventure of nearly 13 millenia is over and the time has come to thrive as the caregivers and guardians of the Great Creation starting with the world beneath our feet — Gaia — our beloved Mother.  We are about to enter a new adventure — an entirely new (and hitherto unknown) state of consciousness.

This experiment in amnesia is now over — and it was highly successful.  It was even more successful than anyone ever expected.  That wonderful unexpected outcome  will lead to an advanced  Galactic Civilization on planet earth which is well beyond anything ever known so far throughout the perceived Universe.

Only the Truth

Only the Truth

The lives, example and teaching of Jesus, Buddha and all the Ascended Masters throughout the ages was the deciding factor.  Now the time has come for our full healing and ascension.   It will be rapid.  It is the beginning of an entirely new existence for us — an existence beyond anything we have been able to imagine.  It is the beginning of “heaven on earth” but it is not “perfection” and it is not “utopia”—-it is actually a return to our normal state.  There will be a very joyful reunion.

Massive events seen publicly by everyone are about to occur.   Fear not.  They are the beginning of very good things indeed.  Continuing announcements will be supplied through all media outlets.  These events have long been meticulously planned. 

The symptoms of these soon coming events have already been happening.  These include massive resignations of cabal banksters worldwide — destruction of the cabal’s underground bases which were suppose to protect them from the nuclear WW3 which they were determined to start (now completely thwarted) — legal court convictions of cabal members such as the recent conviction of Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld and four other neo-cons (in absentia)  for torture and war crimes in a world–recognized court of law in Malaysia — which is structured in the same way as the Internationally recognized Nuremberg trials.  There is also the legal takedown of the Murdoch criminal media enterprizes.  


These are only two small precursors to what is about to happen on a massive public scale.  There will be mass arrests of the illuminati and their minions.  Thousands will initially be incarcerated in the very FEMA camps which they themselves had constructed to hold innocent American citizens. 

Over many decades — evidence amounting to 27 semitrucks full of legal evidence have been carefully gathered.  Public trials are scheduled for this summer.

All this will be done fully in the public eye.  No more secrets.




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