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How To Bring Down America

They’ll Never Know What Hit ‘Em


by: Teri Hinkle

The truth of how deep an integral part our educational system plays in a global take over under the control of a self appointed elite group is exposed in a documentary interview entitled “The Secret History of Western Education” with Charlotte Thomas Iserbyt….

In 1910 the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Board of trustees met and according to the minutes of that meeting, asked themselves this question “Is there any way known to man more effective than war to so alter the life of an entire people?” For the next year they explored other ways but ended up deciding the most effective way was indeed war.

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The Great Revealing

What’s That Smell?

U.S. Marshalls Expose The Biggest Scandal in History — by David Wilcock

Report on James Holmes Has Strange Implications

uh oh … another lone gunman

Wayne Madsen Report

July 23-24, 2012 — Aurora massacre: several links between James Holmes and U.S. government research (Salk Institute involved in neurologically enhancing soldiers’ abilities on battlefield…connections to DARPA)

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