This may possibly be what we have been waiting for. I will be paying close attention.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

A little background: You may not have read much earlier posts about the legal paperwork someone had the foresight to have executed that separates We, The People, from the Corporation of the United States of America, but it is so. The People have severed ties with the Corporation and constitute The Republic of the United States of America; two separate entities. Read the original post. 
I don’t know if this development is related to that, but it’s worth noting for new people to the blog.
Previously I posted a piece we couldn’t verify that said it was possible that some of the Washington folks had either made a trip to the Mount Weather underground base or were planning to, and the route to that destination became a “no-fly zone” for a time. The NOTAM warning was then removed from the website but the video is in that post.
Perhaps this…

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