David Icke — A Powerful Interview With Alex Jones

Here is my brief comment on some of the ideas evoked from the video interview.

Is the good vs. evil meme what it appears to be on the surface?  We only perceive and interpret our “reality” from the standpoint of our very limited sense perceptions and consciousness — or — is there a much much larger Divine plan unfolding? 

Are we really (as some insist) the helpless mind-controlled “victims” of deceptive propaganda and manipulating disinformation perpetrated by soulless inhuman predators out to torture, kill, and finally eat us and utterly destroy us in eternal hopeless bondage — or — are we being drawn and summoned and put under various amounts of pressure by an all — encompassing Divine intention which is carefully designed to wake us up (after a long sleep of many thousands of years on the wheel of 3D incarnation) in order that we might have a revelatory AHA moment
about who and what we really are and why we are undergoing the continual rigors and confusion of this very  thick, dark density? And — most important — the AHA moments we need to overcome and rise up out of this dysfunctional disease of the feeling of separation which has discomforted mankind on planet earth for thousands of years. 

The Omniverse Itself needs further clarity about this as it moves ever closer to Prime Source in its conscious understanding.  “Perfection” is not a noun — but a dynamic, active verb.  The unfolding of consciousness never ceases.  It is an eternal continuum.

Could it be that all of us have been  involved for a very long time — in fact for many lifetimes —  in a voluntary (but very long) inquiry, investigation, (or experiment) looking deeply into the very nature of the evolution of consciousness?

From my perspective — I think the extraterrestrial intelligences are clearly telling us that — yes — this is indeed the case.  I am trying to develop this thesis in my writings.

The details of this investigation extend much further than this planet and have very likely been undertaken (by us — you and me) on behalf of all evolving consciousness in the entire Omniverse.

What we refer to as “evil” is an anti-evolutionary resistance which ultimately acts upon us as a catalyst — a kind of “goad” to prod us beyond complacency.  We are the “ground-crew” in this unfolding drama.

There is only ONE MIND in this entire Omniverse.  ONE CREATOR.  ONE CREATION.  There is no “time” — “space” nor is there any “good” — “evil” duality.  There is no “duality.”  ALL is only ONE THING.  ALL PARTS — including “evil” — ultimately serve the ONE ALL PERVADING AND ALL PENETRATING CONSCIOUSNESS which we call by different names such as the Prime Source — the I AM presence — or —  the ALMIGHTY GOD.

To further explain:

“Evil” (being totally anti-life) always tends to make us more and more uncomfortable — and it often literally drives us to more fervently seek the better way — which is aligned with the Universal Intention for the evolution of consciousness.  That’s how we recognize and know the “better” way when we discover it!  We all have a built-in perception of it.  Some call it “conscience.” Every fiber of our being yearns for more and increased flourishing.  That is the very nature of the driving inner intention behind all Creation.

I have come to believe that our experiences here of overcoming this thick darkness are permanently recorded in the records of  Akasha — and upon our completion of this long inquiry will freely be available to any and all beings for educational purposes.

So — let us now move beyond the “whaddabout this?” and “whaddabout that?”


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