The Total Disintegration Of Tyranny Now Unfolds

Yes — at last the real truth of 911 can no longer be hidden.  Those traitors of our country and the entire human race are now fully exposed.  Big changes are just ahead.  Hang onto your hat!

Important update concerning 911.

And now — please read about the Disintegration of Tyranny.


The present political melodrama is nothing more than a last desperate attempt of the Globalist Criminal Enterprise to transfer wealth from the pockets of the people into the pockets of the violent psychopaths who brought us a New Pearl Harbour (911), and then contrived the phoney “war on terror” with continuing international criminal wars of aggression — along with genocide by several methods including the criminal irradiation of the entire middle east through the so-called “Depleted” Uranium weaponry of the Military Industrial Complex. Then, through slick public relations and clever psychological marketing tricks, they sold this package of lies and abominations to the world through Ruppert Murdoch and the other MSM Propaganda News Agencies.

This entire criminal cartel is about to collapse. It is now in its last days. Good riddance to toxic garbage.

The banksters lurking behind this scheme (formerly hidden) are now revealed for the sickening traitors which they have always been. Also — the daily mainstream propaganda machine has now been exposed as nothing but a cadre mouthpiece for continual government deceptions — false flag operations — and lies.

The fraud and coverup of 911 is obvious to anyone who simply takes the time to uncover the facts. Suggestion — follow the $$$ and the business associations as well as the strong connections with Nazi ideology.

Presently, most nations of the earth are in terrible turmoil and facing forced “austerity.”

The United States is 27 TRILLION dollars in debt, bankrupt and about to see their precious fiat Federal Reserve note flushed down the toilet forever. And — it is the same with the Euro. Just look at what is happening to all the nations of Europe. This is not an accident. It is contrived — just like all the other financial collapses and bloody wars of history. Why? For the power of World hegemony and complete totalitarian control over a (greatly reduced through war and genocide) world population who have been “scientifically” turned into docile obedient slaves.

In contrast — little Iceland solved its problem! There has been a news blackout on this fact in the United States — and HERE’S why. As usual — the instigators of this tyranny do not want a solution — they want power and totalitarian control over the bodies, minds, and souls of men, women and children.

No nation on earth could ever possibly pay the huge debts which this criminal financial cartel has wielded globally upon all as a weapon of mass destruction for the sake of their own take-over. But — in the final analysis, their arrogance and greed was their undoing.

There are specific reasons as to WHY this has happened.

But — there is a solution — which has already been prepared by the human allies of our Mother Earth — in complete coordination with the highly advanced Galactic Intelligences who are now at this very moment interacting with us. 1) Transmutation of the entire United States government including a return to the original Constitution FOR the PEOPLE of the United States, 2) — arrests of those genuinely responsible for 911, 3) — Establishment of interim governments in the United States and elsewhere while the world stabilizes, 4) Bringing home of ALL military forces, 5) A new Global monetary system based upon gold and silver and other precious items, 6) Unconditional forgiveness of all debts both personal and national, 7) Unveiling of long suppressed energy technologies which will end the need for oil, gas, coal, nuclear and all fossil fuels forever, 8) — Full restitution to every man, woman and child on earth for having been victimized, swindled, robbed, violated and defrauded by thugs and criminals for centuries—and the global adoption of the most basic sovereignty of Liberty with God-given HUMAN RIGHTS as the solid ground for all human laws everywhere. This means an end to poverty — the racket of war — and the emergence at last of abundance unlimited.

And — why not?

It is a win win situation in which everyone partakes joyfully.

And — what makes these eight things possible?

A simple Universal Principle taught by Jesus Christ (and many others) which is found in some form in EVERY religion on earth: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”



Along with the implementation of these measures will be a massive Disclosure of the presence of very advanced extraterrestrial intelligences who have already been contacting and interacting with many people from every walk of life for a very long time — and there will now be an open, public and direct face-to-face First Contact with these same extraterrestrial intelligences.

The long governmental cover-up is at an end.

Very soon — everyone will be given an opportunity to educate themselves concerning every aspect of extraterrestrial civilizations, their histories and their long involvement with planet earth.

This is undoubtedly the grandest and most important shift of consciousness that has ever occurred.

It represents the final defeat of the Global tyranny with its selfish desire for a Fascist New World Order of murder, genocide, war, despotism and totalitarianism. It is the end of the so-called “New World Order” of rigid and robotic control over the bodies, minds and souls of human beings — and it is the beginning of a rapid transition toward full consciousness and an emergent Galactic Civilization.

This is an entirely New Time — A completely New Paradigm — the remembrance of a totally different energetic frequency — and it will go forth in an environment of Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men — which has long been prophesied by every culture on earth. These are the days of that fulfillment — the long hope and fervent prayers of all people of all races, cultures and religions — finally fulfilled.

Whether you believe it or not — this is what is now unfolding every day of our lives — and it is accelerating as the time of its fulfillment draws near.

Even the simplest child understands that debt is not ended by continually creating more and more of it. Only the insidious criminal cabal benefits from such a huge Ponzi scheme. Now — the signs of its final demise are everywhere — as every secret is exposed and shouted loudly from the roof-tops.


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