Edward Bernays Helped Guide Our Society Into Lies — Propaganda — and Mindless Consumerism

Edward Bernays had an extremely important influence upon our present civilization and culture and very few people know who he is or anything at all about him.

He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and is known as “the father of Public Relations.”

Both of them believed that people must be controlled – that mass democracy could only work if popular consent was engineered. Bernays was also convinced that the best way to control people in a mass democracy was to render them passive consumers – by triggering a continuous irrational desire to consume and satisfying it with consumer goods.

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Now . . . here I present to you the most important and yet one of the least known documentaries that you will find anywhere.

The Century of the Self – Edward Bernays the “Father of Public Relations” . . . (Propaganda)


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