1/28/2014 Important Update

Wake Up America — 911 Was The Final Hijacking Of Your Country!

It Is Now Proven To Be

A Nuclear Event

1/28/2014:  It has been a very gradual buildup, but at last the truth is emerging and can no longer be obscured.  Do not just ‘believe’ the following information, but check it out thoroughly for yourself.


UPDATE — 9/29/2014


UPDATE — 9/2/2014

Please read this VERY important update — (just click on this sentence) 911 is FULLY exposed! 

Perhaps some of those who have been hiding behind their extreme  denial  for ELEVEN YEARS  NOW  (THIRTEEN YEARS AS OF 9/11/14) will finally start to WAKE UP?

Of course — I do realize that there will be some who will still go right down to their graves furiously clutching onto the package of damn lies which they so foolishly chose to purchase on sale  from their criminal National Security State on September 11 — 2001 . 

To oppose  all critical thinking and not loudly question those obvious lies shows a total disrespect for human decency. 

Shame upon the American status quo  for caring absolutely nothing about genuine justice — for being sniveling cowards afraid to question the lies and for so easily trading  precious Liberties for a totally false “security” — and for so easily throwing away the peaceful future of our children and replacing their hopes and dreams with  continual UN-American aggressive warfare on behalf of Corporate Fascism.

You did your progeny a tremendous disservice by so easily believing a total piece of lying government propaganda.

But —  in spite of this — I totally forgive you all —  because I well know that our country has been brutally assaulted by many varieties of mass mind-control — which includes both chemical and electromagnetic operations.  

These weapons — as well as other top secret military hardware — have been under continual development  by the many Nazi scientists — SS — Gestapo and Intelligence Officers who were brought over here after World War Two (50,000 of them through Project Paperclip) and installed  directly into our newly formed CIA and NSA — and elsewhere also.

Through some kind of secret “agreement” with Hitler’s Third Reich — our nation’s government allowed these imported Nazis to do research and development on top secret “black” projects — in order to produce new and improved weaponry — space technology — and improved methods of social engineering (including mind-control) — and all this top secret “scientific” research was totally freed from all restrictive moral considerations of any kind.  People were used for experiments against their will — and that included many children.

So — I hope you can better understand some of the hideous background which directly  led up to the largest and most deceptive False Flag Operation in the entire history of the world — 911.

The many acts of sedition before and since 911 include such utter travesties as  our municipal water supplies being laced with sodium flouride (or its derivatives) — our air being continually sprayed with poisons (including nano-technology) by means of the secret chemtrail operations — which they finally could no longer pretend did not exist and had to admit that indeed chemtrails were NOT contrails after all and really did exist.

Also — our beautiful oceans have been recklessly used as a dumping ground for everything from plastic trash — oil — chemical poisons — to deadly plutonium — and our lovely whales and dolphins have been assaulted and murdered with the U.S. Navy’s deadly SONAR weaponry that drives them to beach themselves.

We are in serious error and extreme ignorance.

So — to once again totally deceive the public — they labeled those cris-crossing streaks across our skys as  “Geo-engineering” — supposedly to help mitigate “global warming” — while never admitting to the many poisons they are spraying down upon us.

Our entire planet is being purposefully genocided by several different means — including irradiation through Depleted Uranium Weaponry and man-made nuclear “disasters” such as Fukishima — and the list goes on and on. 

Many folks like to deny these truths just as they denied the facts about 911.  The truth of this is just too much for some people to take. 

This is understandable but is no excuse.

But — our civilization can never be healed unless we show some valor of the heart — and boldly  stand up to directly  address these matters.

But — even the mindless cadres of tyranny — in their totally disgusting ass kissing ignorance — do not deserve to be the slaves of tyranny and despotism. 

They too deserve to be FREE — as do all the people of this beautiful planet.

Those of us who have stood up for the truth do now see the  real possibility of our U.S. Federal Marshals — Local Sheriffs — LEO’S — State Militias — and U.S. Military  honoring  their sworn oaths of service to defend the people of their country against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. 

We now have the very worst kind of “domestic” problem going on daily at every level of our 100% criminal government.

MASS ARRESTS and a complete take-down of this tyranny will now ensue — and it will occur without the bloody  civil war which is so desired by our treasonous leaders — who desperately wish to save their own rotten carcasses from spending the rest of their lives behind bars. 

But — that is where they belong and where they shall be — for the sake of all human decency and progress.


Simply because — it is RIGHT.   And — to greatly aid us once the necessary house-cleaning has taken place — here is a piece of presently available technology which can greatly help us not to quickly fall back into the same totalitarian trap.


My Earlier Post About My Own Experience

On that day of infamy the phone rang, awakening me from a sound sleep. It was Larry, my ex-Navy Seal friend. “It’s happening,” he said.

“What….what’s happening?”

“A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center in New York. It’s being covered on T.V. Come on over.”

I knew what Larry meant by “it’s.” We had talked about it many times. He had already found out years before when in Viet Nam. The “official” U.S. involvement with the illegal drug trade was completely exposed. And, of course, the other side of that blackmarket coin is weaponry of all types for every terrorist on earth.

I had no T. V. so I immediately got dressed and went over to Larrys, who lived close by.

I arrived in time to see the second plane smash into the towers. We sat frozen to the T.V. like everyone else in America.

When the towers collapsed, Larry turned to me and softly spoke, “did you see what I saw?”

“Yep,” I said, “a classic controlled demolition.”

“Precisely,” he said.

My friend Larry was an explosive expert you see. He well knew a controlled demolition when he saw one. So did I, although I was never in the military.

It’s been nine long years since that “false flag” intelligence operation (which was probably the largest in the entire history of the world.)

All the many questions were silenced on behalf of the Corporate War Machine. Anyone who disagreed was called a “conspiracy theorist” mocked and ridiculed. They were sneered at and called “tin hats” because they dared to ask serious questions about the obvious lies pouring from the U.S. Government. And now, click on the following links and see the insights and faces of those who love America enough to desire truth above all costs.


DR. JUDY WOODS PROVES THAT IT WAS A DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON THAT BROUGHT DOWN THE TOWERS (Now revealed by the latest evidence to be a highly sophisticated series of tactical nuclear weapons)









We have seen America lost to Corporate Fascism, the daylight theft of trillions of dollars, police state tactics, torture and the heinous butchery and moral disintegration produced by continual war–all in the name of “save the world for Democracy.” Wasn’t that the propaganda slogan of an earlier generation?

And it is all a complete fraud–a piece of Social Engineering on behalf of psychotic megalomaniacs desiring world hegemony. A more descriptive word for it is tyranny.

The official Goverment Conspiracy Theory about 911 was and is a damn lie.

The utter failure to bring justice for this heinous crime is indicative of this rapidly disintegrating country, culture and society. It was a lie from the beginning. From the very frist day, nothing but lies from the ones who did this inside job. Listen sometime to the very first newscasts before the censorship set in.


Nine years later America is still asleep with the exception of a few whose hearts are broken because they understand that we have already lost America and it was completely unnecessary and it was all due to a complete lack of diligence and the total failure of the long practiced assumptions of the American people. These are the passed down vain traditions of our forefathers who cherished such lies due to their ignorance and lack of diligence — as well as their sheer arrogance and greed.

Can our land be transformed into a beacon of light once again?

Was it ever really a beacon of light? Or is today’s situation which is the outcome — the consequence — of an entire system of complete error based on a huge falsehood?

Those who saw this government fraud about 911 from the beginning still find it hard to imagine how the American people could become so completely stupified, zombified and so willing to accept sheer fantasy — while being totally unable to see the facts right before their very own eyes. How could they be so easily swayed by utter despots spouting such obvious lies? Are they completely ignorant of basic history? Well, just look at what is taught to our children as “history.” Follow the money. It is the almighty god of this dysfunction called the U.S. Government.

We have already been subjugated by very wealthy psychotics and their hired minions along with mercenaries and vile thugs who only know how to speak with forked tongues and continual double-speak while committing murder and genocide.

$$$ has replaced Almighty God. Deception, trickery and the cruel hoax has replaced all morals. Fear has replaced love. Murder now reigns over mercy in our land — or so your masters desire.

This is a sure formula for total self-destruction.

Perhaps what contributed to this sorry state was years of Sodium Flouride in our municiple drinking water supplies combined with the social manipulations of the greatest mind-control machine ever invented. T.V.? And, of course, Hollywood who has programed all of us since a very early age. And what is the message? “Sex and extreme violence is American as apple pie.” And, of course, “All problems can be quickly solved by a gun.”

What can people of good intentions do to extract America from this vile rottenness?

And even if that is impossible, standing up and speaking the truth is now called for. Every hoax and vile secret should be shouted from the rooftops. No one should ever be granted prestige until they EARN it.

The present buying and selling of human beings is an unspeakable abomination.

Practically, in the view of many of us, there is a need to support honest and total auditing of the entire Federal Reserve System and also find out for sure if there is any gold left in Fort Knox. We also need to closely examine our country’s illicit and adultrous relationship with Israel, who is now exposed before the entire world as the world’s most virulent criminal state.

If these things are done honestly, the criminals who produced 911 will be exposed, put behind bars for life–no pardon and no parole ever. They are far too dangerous to be allowed to roam at large. Show mercy to them. Let them not become a punching bag of bitterness and revenge. To do so would be participating in the sick game in which they fully believe and participate. If you participate with them then you will partake of their total destruction.

Put these rich Despots up in a maximum security hotel, remove them from society and treat them like Pauper Kings, I do not care. Revenge is just the same old same old. Put a sign out front: HERE, AMERICA STOOD UP FOR ITS TRUE VALUES AND INTENTIONS.

A great cheer will go up from the entire world. The end of this cancer is a joy to all.

We need a genuine investigation–not another cover-up. How is it that anyone with a third grade education cannot immediately see through that complete fraud?

As always, all one has to do is follow the money. This is the god that our society worships day and night. So, if you wish to know what is going on, go where their heart is and see where it came from and where it is going. $$$ flow is well documented.

We also need to fully investigate and totally eliminate the 100% corrupt Central Intelligence Agency and their many affiliates and close associations with other criminals (such as Mossad), the thugs of Americas secret government, which is now in full control of America.

We allowed it by going to sleep and ignoring the obvious. A general awakening must now occur. A general awakening IS occurring. But, it is different than what we have ever known before — but there are some very hopeful signs.

On the negative side of the coin, many are angry as never before having rudely awakened to the fact that they have been personally swindled on a regular basis for their entire lives.

To recognize this fact and finally see through the carefully constructed hoax that has become the Corporatist National Security State once called “America ” one needs to understand how this abomination came about.



Some have already recognized the truth of this matter but would rather keep on participating in their own demise because they are already the totally mind-controlled  slaves of the State — and due to fear imposed by threats wish to stay so employed. Thus, at the moment, they seem unable to envision an entirely New Paradigm. But that unstoppable New Paradigm is the totally positive side of this coin.  And it means no more “business as usual.” Finished.



When governments cease to serve the will of the people and instead serve the interests of powerful elites who are totally unaccountable to the rule of law, it is incumbent upon citizens of the world to withdraw support from these institutions and replace them with legitimate governments of, by, and for the people.

Let us recall the words of Thomas Jefferson:  “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

So now you need to know some of the factors which have  brought on this total dysfunction of our society and civilization.







A very unique Great Gathering is occurring and cannot be stopped. There is an ongoing energetic interface with a more rapidly oscillating frequency and, at the same time, a RECONFIGURING OF OUR DNA.  For some it is an upward swing of human consciousness. For others it is the end of everything that they have desperately clung to and there is much fear, anxienty and depression–even despair in some cases.

If cleaning house is not done and done immediately, America will be yet another repeat of the Roman Empire and the inner corruption of its terminal moral cancer that rotted it from the inside out.

This does not have to be.

It is our responsibility and choice. And, it would be wise to choose LIFE over our own destruction and death.

I’ve already made my choice.

Now, you make yours.

1) wake up — or— 2) continue to be a total slave to utter tyranny over your body, mind and soul.


The Great Gathering

  1. Have you seen the work of Dr Judy Wood and her book “Where Did The Towers Go ?”

    Cheers, Gray

    • Yes—-it is very likely that a scalar weapon was also used. Nothing else could have reduced those structures to fine powder.

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