Justice Denied

Bilderberg Puppet Masters

Our world has gone insane.  There is a reason for this and it can be described as a world philosophy which invades every present human institution.  It is the total corruption of our entire civilization from the inside out.


It is a basic systemic error that fails to recognize how the Great Creation actually operates.  We, you and I allowed this error to be.  So, now as it self-destructs everyone must make a choice.  Either cling to the Titantic and go down with it or rethink everything and start over with an entirely different NEW PARADIGM.  What I am about to describe below is not happening without cause.  Educating ourselves as to what this cause is will begin to awaken us to how our planetary leadership got into such dysfunction and lead us in a much better direction.  The present world system is completely unsustainable because it is thoroughly corrupt.   The following video explains why that is and also show some of the real alternative possibilies already available.  These are some things which bear contemplating.


The Plutocrats and Oligarchs who live daily off the blood of their fellow men through war, thievery, murder, extortion and blackmail always despise the poor and cannot imagine anyone not wanting to be a highly “sucessful” vampiristic blood sucker like themselves.

They are so shallow that they think people are “jealous” of them because they control great wealth and power. They cannot imagine anyone not buying the lie that they have told themsleves. They are void of human conscience. Mass murder including genocide for the sake of their political agenda is considered to be normal and totally natural to them–even God ordained. Top dog. (They are totally unfamiliar with canines–dogs are actually far more astute and harmonized with Mother Nature than they are) They mistakenly think that is the way Mother Nature operates and piously try to imitate Nature according to their erroneous and inaccurate assumptions of what she is.

These are the Rothschilds, Kissingers, J.P. Morgans, Geitners, Shiffs, Warbergs, Bushes, Chenys, Rockefellers, Obamas, Clintons et al and the “yes” men and demonic minions who serve them.

At  this point, my heart is broken to say,  our Government in Washington D.C. has now become a Great Whorehouse on the Potomac and is crawling with those who want this present system of Corporatism (Fasicm) to become a totalitarian New World Order.

And that is not my theory but their own spoken words and writings not to mention their long history of fraudulent wars and war crimes using children as cannon fodder on behalf of $$$ and totalitarian control. Yes, as the wise general once said, “WAR IS A RACKET.”   Truer words were never spoken.

There is  a long list of quotes from their own mouths. There is also a long list of their pertinent writings concerning their long planned New World Order.   I have them, but most folks long duped into belieivng a lie and fully entrenched in the greatest swindle of the ages totally ignore the mountains of undeniable evidence and greatly prefer their own false suppositions based upon what they have gained from their lying media and long miseducation which simply ignores the facts—out of sight, out of mind. That’s why people so easily allow Big Brother to do their thinking for them instead of assuming their own personal responsibility.

“Telling the Truth in the age of deceit and lies is a  revolutionary  act.” ~ George Orwell.

Blood Brothers

I think it is best to speak out now while it is still possible to do so.  There is a great movement underfoot to abolish free speech for the sake of “National Security.”   And, of course, this no longer needs Congressional approval because anyone can be labled a  ‘terrorist.”  These psychopaths believe that THEY are “well born” –a phrase used by the BUSH CRIME FAMILY— and have a “Divine” right to control the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children.

Yes it is a Satanic religion which is adversarial to all Life.

Remember G.W. Bush  declaring that “Almighty God” wanted him to invade Iraq?   This is true religious fanaticism and is no different than a Muslim who wants to force others under his bootheel by threatening to chop off their heads.   It is no different than the Zionist who, exactly like the Nazis or the Bolshiveks  wants to steal other peoples land, plow under their homes and murder them as well as permenantly silence those  who have the courage to object and speak up. Militant Islam and Militant Zionism and Militant Christianity were made for each other.

And, this entire meme  is completely dysfunctional and finally suicidal.

Those three  are mirror images of each other. They all worship a “god” of forces and brutal human sacrifice.  This is total psychosis. These people are complete sociopaths with pious smiles and five thousand dollar Armani uniforms.

Notice how they all look exactly alike and wear the same uniform?  They look “nice” on tee vee between  pharmaceutical adds while planning murder and genocide in their hearts and are self-deceived into piously thinking they are “doing the will of Almighty God.”

Illuminati Conclave

These Oligarchs and Plutocrats never did any real  work in their lives, having been “silverspooned.” They learned from their daddys and mommies that manipulation, lying, murder, theiving, deceving and defrauding is the way to “success.”  They even think  that Nature herself works that way and that the cleverist, strongest and most cunning predator  gets the prize.   They think that their  power and prestige depends upon how well they can claw their way up to the top of the Great Pyramid of Control. You know, the one on your $$$?

Now, some people who recognize Almighty God as our One Source, and recognize the Laws and Directives of the Great Ceation (Mother Nature) know very well that this is a total abberation. It is the most dangerous INSANITY possible because it threatens our Mother Earth and ALL her children with a malignant egophrenia.  But we human beings can become careGIVERS of our Mother Earth and all her children.

But, if the rule of law still existed,  those  control freaks would  be arrested and put behind bars FOR LIFE with no pardon and no parole.    A  large sign would  be erected in front of that  prison: “HERE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA TOOK A STAND FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE AND FREEDOM.”A cheer unlike anything ever heard before would go up from the entire  world.

But, I am not for taking revenge.  In fact I am for mercy.  Justice without mercy is no justice  at all.  I say, let’s  not play their killing game and execute them–ANY of them. Respect Life, even when it is totally perverse. There is always a chance for a human being to begin a new thought process—rethink/repent.

Those who practice deceiving others are themselves the most deceived of all. Perhaps some of them will reconsider, reconcile, rethink and repent. Killing them is playing the same old paradigm  game. Their game.  However, once arrested and put behind bars, they can NEVER be allowed to roam freely in the world again, because they are far too dangerous to all Life.

It makes sense that the restoration and exercise of justice would  start with an independent, unbiases and genuine INVESTIGATION of the 911 false flag operation. It’s easy to do, simply follow the $$$.  Many have already done this and there are pile of evidence.  Of course it is presently totally blocked by the Powers-That-Be.

If this was to occur, militant Judaism (Zionism) and militant Islam would die on the vine and no longer have any sway in the world whatsoever.  And the peoples of the world would be inspired to put all the war criminals and deceiving vampiristic politicians in the world, who have participated in these crimes against humanity, behind bars likewise.

Perhaps we could deport them all to a maximum security luxury hotel on Mars?
You see, America  is the key to this and to a sane world where an entirely New Paradigm of Spiritual Economics becomes possible because basic human rights are recognized and practiced. 

Dog-eat-dogism is NOT the nature of man. This Satanic religion is a lie. It is the adversary of all Life.

Nor is dog-eat-dogism attuned in any way to Mother Nature. It is a complete perversion of all truth and justice. And that’s why this present world is at continual WAR with itself and about to self-destruct.  Without sharing there can be no justice and without justice there can be no peace.

The Law of Cause and Effect is endemic to the entire Universe. You reap whatever you sow. That is Mother Nature and this Law works on every level—personal, national and world-wide. And it does so unceasingly.  In the east it is called Karma.

If this perverted problem was recognized and the perpetrators stopped in their tracks, no matter what happened after that would take on an entirely different meaning.

However, it will not happen simply because the American people continue to be duped by monstrosities such as 911 and the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and a steady stream of lies, false flag operations, political manipulations and assaults on human rights carried out by the  “yes” men of a handful of wealthy dysfunctional families who think they are “well born” and have the right of total control over the planet and all life.

They do not.

Too Big To Fail

So, the total collapse of our civilization is at hand, and it may very well be that Mother Nature has the final laugh. We might as well let it go down. Phoney politics will not save it. Religion will not save it. Science will not save it. Intellect will not save it. Our totally dysfunctional civilization does not deserve to be saved simply because the majority of the American people preferred a huge hoax over truth. The Great Unsinkable Titanic will now perish completely.  But, there is no doubt in my mind that a totally New Paradigm will emerge out of the dust and ashes.

I do have hope for my children and their children.

And  what is to come will indeed be completely different and far more sane and harmonized with Mother Earth and all her children–the survivors will have  practically learned a VERY VERY difficult lesson, but learned it well.

Basic God-given human rights are the basis for the happiness and advancement of any civilization.

Prophets and wise men have warned of this coming difficult time throughout the ages and have been despised, ignored and often murdered. Now comes the great purification which all of those prophets  declared.  And there is no place to hide.

Ironic isn’t it?

Many of us  had hopes of a real turnaround after the most despotic president in history up to that time. I and many others were  duped. But no more. I too had a last hope in politics when I voted for Obama–but no more. I had no idea of how far reaching this New World Order control paradigm has already come.

We all  must reap the consequences of our OWN actions and now, for America,  those consequences have arrived bigtime.  There is a national as well as a personal Karma.

namaste .

  1. Well said. But you are taking a very negative view of the possible outcome to our current predicament. I used to think the same but now have a much much hopeful outcome. I think this world will be purged of the “bad ways” but not what prophecies mentioned.

    Worsened cataclysm will happen way into 2013 but a consciousness transformation will happen for all humankind. it will be a gentle “reset” of humanity rather than a harsh one. This way, the energy waste will be mitigated and we can start again.

    • Thank you for you comment. I appreciate it. All of our points of view are based upon our individual experiences and the experiences of those we have compassion for.

      Depending upon where you are and who you are, it is already quite harsh and has been for a long long time. People who live around the Gulf of Mexico are quite aware of how harsh it can be, as are the folks in Gaza and many other places around the world such as Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. And, it is not over yet by any means. So, the “easing into it” is easy to say for some with different experiences. It is anything but a “gentle reset” for much of suffering humanity whose basic human rights are being brutally violated while being hit by the earth changes at the same time. And, America is now finding out about that first hand. You will see as it grows much more intense in the days soon to come.

      And in fact the New Paradigm is already starting but it is on an entirely different frequency. So, this is not the end of the world. Only the end of a very dysfunctional age and the beginning of something far better. And that New Paradigm is not dependent upon the survival of ANY of the present institutions whatsoever. And that’s good because none of them are applicable to the New Paradigm which is a total makeover from the inside out. Business as usual is completely finished.


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