Zionism — UPDATED 12/01/12

Part Three:  Zionism

For it is the day of the Lord’s vengeance and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion. – Isaiah 34:8.

I will now touch upon the most controversial and misunderstood topic of our time. 

I too have an opinion.  It is based upon my years of research as well as  the research of many others who closely  looked at  the indisputable evidence.

Understanding Zionism is the very key to understanding what is really happening in the world today. 

This topic is so emotionally charged and so full of continually manipulated propaganda — and is so volatile — that it is difficult to get a true perspective — unless one takes a step back and genuinely informs themselves of the history.   

That part is up to each individual.

Zionism has  a very well documented history—-but few Americans know anything about it at all.  This is no accident.   Zionism itself deeply wishes to hide its origins as well as its very nefarious past.  It wishes to hide itself  from America who—-due to the man–made assumptions and preconceived concepts of highly propagandized fundamentalist Christianity—-sponsors and serves Zionism no matter how heinous their immoral and disgusting human rights violations (and brutal war-mongering) become. 

The ongoing genocide of Gaza is just one example of such violations of human decency. 

Many seem to believe that Zionism and “Jew” are the same thing and no matter what abominable  and useless violence they carry out against other human beings—-they are still “God’s chosen people.” 

One must question the validity of such a violent and brutal so–called “G_d” who continually violates his own Laws by wantonly slaughtering the innocent including children.

In reality — this diety of the politics of Zionism  is none-other than the depraved “god” of forces,  wanton destruction, genocide, selfishness, greed, $$$, power and total control — just  the opposite of love, life, light, peace and healing — which are the qualities  of the Most High Creator and One Source of All-That-Is.  This so-called “god” is the ancient adversary of all human decency and truth.  And — it  is not the Almighty G_d of any genuine Jew.

This lack of historical knowledge—-which has been purposefully obscured and obfuscated by years and years of  Zionist controlled main-stream news media—-and its continual catnenations of mind-numbing propaganda—-has led America  into her complete loss of national sovereignty—-as well as having plunged her into total servitude  to the Zionist State.

So, I suggest to all who read this to consider the information to be found in the following important links—-where you will clearly see the difference between a genuine Jew and the political party of Zionism—-which paralleled and in many ways mirrored the Russian Bolsheviks (atheists) as they arose in tandem with Zionism and—- in fact—-had some of the very same  organizers.

Most people probably do not know that the founder of Zionism encouraged  Anti-Semitism as a way to manipulate the customers and patrons he continually courted.

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . . I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends” 

Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

Yes—-the heinous politics of Zionism uses the Jews themselves as sacrificial burndt offerings for their conflagrations  of rabid hatred.










These links above are only a few references about Zionism—-but are representative of many many more. This information is what the Arab world already knows and much of the rest of the world does also. America is purposefully kept fully in the dark because America supports and feeds this merciless abomination called Zionism.

This is information that the American people are purposefully kept from knowing.

To be fair — the following video is a supposed  “scholarly”  debunking of Arthur Keostler’s  “The Thirteenth Tribe.”   The new DNA evidence, if genuine,  claims to completely disprove Mr. Keostler’s research that the majority of Jews are actually descended from the Khazars and have absolutely no ancient heritage in Palestine.  How scholarly and what actual scientific evidence was used for this debunkery of “The Thirteenth Tribe” is highy questionable since the Zionists historically have absolutely no qualms about blatant out and out lies.  The very motto of their Intelligence agency “Mossad” is “By Deception We Wage War.” And — indeed they do.

I do know that Arthur Keostler and his wife were murdered by the Mossad after Mr. Keostler published the his book.   If it was all a lie, they certainly paid for it dearly.  However, Arthur Keostler himself started  his whole research to trace back his own origins.  Mr. Keostler himself was genetically connected to the Khazars and certainly did not consider them to be inherently evil — they just had no historical root in Palestine.

Whether of not the Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the Khazars who came from Turkey really does not matter but the controversy continues with this new explosive development which lends support to Arthur Keostler’s original research.


A genuine Jew is one who is a Jew in their heart and acknowledges the One Almighty God and adheres to the  Laws of Almighty God.  A true genuine Jew does not despise their fellow men and commit blatant war-crimes against their neighbors as the Israelis (under Zionism) do on a regular basis.

You see Arthur Keostler’ theory being debunked in the above video through someones reported  DNA evidence did not prevent his murder by the Zionists.

Both Arthur Keostler  and his wife were murdered by the Zionists to silence them after exposing these theories of history in his book  “The Thirteenth Tribe.” 

You see, it was very inconvenient to the Public Relations  myth being created by the Zionist Political Movement—-which continually pushes and tries to sell  the propaganda  that portrays the Jews as poor continually persecuted “victims” who should therefore always get special treatment—-allowance and privilege  in order to nobly secure their “God–given”  homeland in Palestine—-even at the expense and horrible suffering of the Palestinians who were already living there — genocide is sanctioned by the Zionists — supposedly because “God” promised that piece of land  to some ancient wandering tribes later called  Jews.   It is Godless brutality and human rights abuse at its very worst and done in the name of the Most High Creator. 

This is utterly disgusting to all human decency.

Promoting this fabricated piece of brutal and extreme social engineering  is the very fundamental basis of what Zionism does — and it is the way they have been able to totally dupe Christians into being their lap dogs and fellow war criminals now for many years.

Many Jews detest Zionism and recognize it for the total despotism that it really represents.

Any person can be a genuine Jew and have absolutely no family relationship with any of the original twelve tribes.  A genuine Jew is one who is a Jew in their heart and has appreciation and respect for other people. 

However, the  Zionist Jews who now control Israel—-claiming to be returning to their “homeland” (and fulfilling ancient prophecy) are total usurpers, butchers, war criminals  and thieves — they have proven themselves to be robotic  cadres, mindless lapdogs and yes–men  acting like mindless automatons under the spell of  an evil and murderous political system called Zionism.

They are those who call themselves “Jews”—-but are not.   Their inhuman brutality disqualifies completely them as genuine Jews.

A genuine Jew recognizes the undeniable interconnectivity of all things and all beings.  A genuine Jew is not an arrogant conniving and manipulating racist who considers other human beings—-who are of a different race or religion — to be sub-human cattle (“goys”)—-whom the Zionists  arrogantly think they have the God-given right  to use and manipulate however they see fit. They are liars and continual human rights abusers.

But—-a genuine Jew has real humility and respect for the entire web-of-life.  There are still some of them left in Israel under the present Zionist occupation.

There are many criminal organizations—-the “Skull and Bones being one—-which lend their support to this world takeover by the Fascist and Racist “Zionist Political Movement.”  And—-they work day and night for this.  They operate  under the contrived  manufactured fiction  that Almighty God gives them the right as the “chosen ones” to rule the planet with a brutal rod of iron.  

They serve a god of brutality and force and are an insult to Almighty God the Creator of All That Is. 

All you have to do is look at the history of  Lebanon and Gaza and the history of how the Zionists have treated the Palestinian people. 

Your U.S. tax dollars helped pay for such obscene war crimes.   The Zionist usurpers look upon the ones they call “gentiles” as only existing to serve them.

The ADL, AIPAC and B’NAI B’RITH and other “Anti-Semite” chasers are Political and Economic Hit Men—-buyers of the U.S. Congress as well as Religious Inquisitors who call anyone who disagrees with their violence, thievery, deception and brutality “Anti-Semitic.” 

Even some Jewish Rabbis laugh at this phrase “Anti-Semitic” and know very well it is a piece of manufactured political propaganda and have openly said so. 

The Arabs are also a “Semitic” people by the way.

For centuries, Zionism has pointed the finger at anyone who objected to their historic swindles, deceptions and lies—-and always loudly screamed “ANTI-SEMITIC ”  at them — while at the same moment being the most Anti-Semitic butchers of all.  

Through  deception they have managed to deceive the whole world including themselves.

Here is some new information which emerged in October of 2012.  A new book reveals a documented hidden agreement between the Zionists and Adolph Hitler — it is called the “Haavana Agreement.”  From the 1930s the political movement of Zionism worked directly with Adolph Hitler to orchestrate what happened to the Jews in Germany.

Mossad is the intelligence and terrorist field operation of Zionism.  Mossad’s motto is “BY DECEPTION WE WAGE WAR.”  A very fitting motto indeed.

Through continual deception, the Zionists have criminally insinuated themselves by lies into  positions empowering them  to assume as much power (and $$$) as possible.

Many of the people inside our government are Zionists.  Many, even at the top levels of our government, hold DUAL citizenships.  They are both Israeli and United States citizens. But — they have no loyalty to the United States but entirely to Zionism.  They are traitors to America.  They are involved in continual Psychological Operations against the people of the United States.

These Psyops are carried out as an effort to maintain lucrative public support of the criminal activities of our hidden controllers running the World Banking  Criminal Cartel,  The Military – Industrial – Congressional  – Judicial Complex.  And, of course, we must not forget the Pharmaceutical – Medical – Agricultural – Energy Complex.    And all of these corrupt rotten institutions practice Corporate Fascism on behalf of a Totalitarian New World Order.

The Covert Intelligence Operation Group known as  the “Mossad” operated side by side with Nazi factions of our own CIA to carry out the field work required for the huge 911 intelligence operation.  They use brutal violence as well as very sophisticated mind-control techniques upon whole societies.

These organizations also function as Zionist Public Relations management here in the United States and throughout the world.  Those countries who do not wish to cooperate are punished in a variety of ways.  These thugs have no conscience against using lies  and deception or violence to maintain the desired phoney “image” of Israel in the
eyes of the public. 

They continually use the “Holocaust” to reinforce a “victim mentality” into the minds of their own  people in Israel, and Jews throughout the world, through propaganda and the misuse of the convenient buzz-word “Anti-Semitic” and make the people of the United States, and the rest of the world, tow the Israeli Zionist Party line — and if not — they will be financially, politically and socially ruined by being labeled a despicable and terrible “Anti-Semite.”   Yes, it is quite insidious indeed—-and completely lacking in the most basic human decency.

This word “Anti-Semitic” has been twisted to mean a “Jew hater” when actually it is used to slander and label anyone who dares to object to political Zionism (even mildly) and its brutal  control which uses as its representatives the many  agent provocateurs who call themselves “Jews” but are not.

This is a much easier method of control than always using physical violence to carry out their agenda—-but as they have demonstrated many times—-Zionist Israel certainly has no hesitation in using their weapons arsenal which has been continuously supplied to them by the U.S. Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex to the tune of billions of dollars.  They also have a huge nuclear arsenal which, of course, they tried to hide — but unsuccessfully.

They carry out the unholy work of their “god” of forces and money–a selfish ego-delusion which is unsurpassed in the entire history of the world.  They are morally corrupt and their top leaders have been psychotic war criminals—-but that doesn’t mean that they are not smart and very clever indeed. 

Psychotics and Sociopaths usually are.

Zionism is at the root of the New World Order that Elitists  such as George Bush and David Rockefeller have proclaimed as the goal for us all,  like it or not.  The Zionists in Israel have built a steel wall of apartheid and it demonstrates to the whole world their complete fear—-selfishness and arrogance.  Their attack upon the Palestinian families of Gaza is “ethnic cleansing/genocide” and is being done in plain site right in front of the entire world—-showing the vile poisoning of their totally corrupt minds and hearts.

This Zionist world-wide mind-control program is powerfully strong and very subtle.  It is a vast Psychological Operation  to protect the  Masters of Money and War and their centuries old plan for a Fascist Totalitarian New World Order.  It is now in the final stages of its complete implementation.  But—whoops—-suddenly it is unexpectedly broke.

Genuine Divine Providence has intervened.

Mossad  has been caught at their own false-flag operations many times but always seemed to get away with no more than a slap on the wrist, since the High Masters of Money and Warfare fully control and support their own and well know how to use lies, bribes and blackmail as well as threats and cold blooded murder to achieve their long-time and meticulously planned agenda of world control and domination. 

This did not happen overnight, you know.  It has been a constantly growing cancer for centuries.

At the very top of the World Money and Power Pyramid—-a small group of evil beings rule who wish to have total power over the bodies, minds and souls of all humankind.  They will use any means necessary to achieve that goal. 

The term “Anti-Christ” fits them perfectly but many of the Christian “leaders”  are their best buddies and easily turn a blind eye upon the Anti-Christs who do nothing but deceive and vampirize them daily.   

They have totally lost their way due to false suppositions and fraudulent interpretations of ancient religious utterances and prophecy.

The Zionists have no hesitation in using threats, blackmail and violence to get their selfish way.

They have what they refer to as the “Samson Option.”  This was exposed and well documented by  Seymour Hersh.

If attacked with a  nuclear weapon,  Israel claims  the option of  committing suicide by unleashing all of their own nuclear weapons on every Arab country surrounding them.  Mass suicide, such as Masada, is considered highly glorious among some Jews.   In this case it is an insane threat to the entire planet.  

The USAF has reported on this Israeli Blackmail of the United States.

Of course, such insane actions would only mean all out World War Three.  And, of course, everyone looses big time—-but Israels arrogance and selfish brutality is preserved—however, with no one around to remember it.

Like Samson, they are willing to bring the pillars of the Temple down upon their own heads—-destroy the entire world and commit suicide rather than be reasonable and come down off their Zionist high horse of racial and religious superiority.  Many of the Zionists, especially those high up in positions of power, exhault the Talmud above the Tora, along with its Rabbinical hatred of all those “other” people whom they call “goys” —which means CATTLE.   

It  means all the “gentiles”—-including the totally deceived Christians who follow this abomination like flies around a pile of dung.

But a true Jew is not filled with hatred and pride but with love and respect for all people regardless of their origin or race.  Religious pretense and false piety is a very common world thought meme. Those who try to equate all Jews with these Zionist despots are completely wrong and are only engaging in more hate-filled racism. 

The Zionists love this because it effectively obfuscates what is actually occurring.  And such confusion is part of this sick totalitarian plan.  The more confusion, anger and chaos they can create, the better, they think, because it has the effect of distracting people away from the genuine issues.

Those who show hatred for the Jewish people only feed directly into the victimhood with which the Zionists continually program their own nation Israel, the U.S. and the rest of the world. 

Many many of the Israeli people do not approve of their criminal government and their continual human rights abuses—-just as many Americans do not approve of their government of thieves and liars.  Dissent is not appreciated in Israel just as it is not appreciated in the U.S..   Just as our own criminal government has betrayed the American people—-so have the Zionist vultures betrayed the real Jews in Israel.

What a huge hoax these Psychopathic leaders  have managed to pull off by their insidious treachery.

In the Zionist belief system of victimhood and revenge, they consider the masses of “goys” to be sub-human and themselves to be the “chosen ones” of Almighty God.

Several out and out and very blatant war criminals have ruled Israel. 

Bibi Netanyahu  has been one of the worst—-as was Ariel Sharon before him.  They both have shown themselves to be void of human decency and without compassion, sentiment or conscience.

Herein resides the entire Middle-East situation of blind hatred.  It  is openly demonstrated  by the recent aggressive mega–violent abomination and merciless genocide carried out  against the Palestinians of Gaza—-which continues on to this very day.  

And the world continues to turn a blind eye—-and the Israeli leaders have no trouble sleeping at nights in their deluded self–righteousness.

They consider themselves to be spiritually “illuminated” and all others to be subservient fools dwelling in blind ignorance and darkness. This is their religious “piety” where warfare, and any slaughter they deem necessary for their agenda of world hegemony  is automatically approved  by the “Divine”  since they and they alone are the “chosen ones.”

It’s really quite nauseating and fully reminiscent of the Nazis.

Many Christians follow these fake “Jews” like obedient lap dogs without having a clue that they too are totally despised by these criminal Zionists who pretend to accept them for the sake of their support and money and weaponry.

This is the ultimate extension of complete ego delusion.

It is a Master/Slave relationship.  It is the complete opposite of what America was intended to be by our Founding Fathers and the people who came to this country to get away from such tyranny.

That’s why these Oligarchs and Plutocrats have been so busy trashing the bill of rights and destroying the Constitution.  It is an inconvenient document to them.

It has now become what George Bush was overheard to say, “just a goddamn piece of paper.”

You have to understand that the visible President of the United States—-no matter who he is or which political party he belongs to—- is only a sock-puppet doing the bidding of his “illuminated” Masters up on the eye of the Money Pyramid of Total Control.

You only think you are electing someone. 

Voting for a Presidential candidates is now a complete fraud and is only maintained to support your continuing illusion of “freedom.” 

But, a growing number of Americans are now starting to get it. They are waking up at last.

Presidents are groomed through occult societies such as the Skull and Bones (plundering pirates)  to be totally obedient to their Masters.  And, of course, if they do not play ball… they are assassinated by a “lone gunman”–what an unfortunate coincidence.

And anyone who dares to voice a different opinion is a “conspiracy theorist” and “whacko.” If they speak negatively about Zionism, they are immediately labled “Anti-Semitic.”  Most who dare to question the fraud of Zionism are mocked and ridiculed.  Many loose their jobs–especially if they are in any government service or the media.  Many who cannot be bought off or intimidated are murdered or suicided.

“Horizontilized” as Christopher Story put it.

You see, maintaining this secret is their primary concern because once they are exposed, they are finished.

And… there are strong indications that such exposure is now at hand.  Yes, this Illuminati controlled power structure is now very shakey indeed. People have now begun to wake up to the fact that, yes indeed, there are those desiring a Fascist New World Order. 

For a long time, people would giggle when they heard that term, even though Bush 41 and many others (including Heinz Kissinger and David Rockefeller) publicly proclaimed it as their goal.  And yet Globalism was supported even when it became clear that the biggest sufferers under this Fascist boot-heel were the poor and suffering people of the world.

Food is even being used as a weapon to force compliance.

Let’s proclaim the truth and expose this huge criminal fraud.  It will greatly aid the necessary awakening of the human race and better prepare everyone  for the huge mega shift soon to arrive in spite of all mankind’s efforts of totalitarian control and genocidal population reduction.

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