The Eleventh Anniversary

On September 11, 2001 — eleven years ago — everything changed.  The Beasts who are actually  in charge of this world and run it by force played their hand.  New York City was the scene of the largest False Flag Operation in history.  A despicable murderous act of tyranny was carried out against the people of the United States — all the peoples of the planet — and the very heart and soul of all human decency.

Now — eleven years later — the depraved swine who did this are still very much in control — rich as Kresus — and although the truth of what happened has fully emerged  — the vast majority of our country remains in total denial of the facts while the people of other countries are able to see the truth and wonder in despair WHY we have done absolutely nothing about it.  Why haven’t the criminals responsible been arrested?  There is one simple answer.  $$$

Apparently many have trouble getting their heads around the fact that their own “elected” government would deceive them — swindle them — rob them — attack them — assault their basic human rights — and get away with the most outrageous lies in history.

This has nothing to do with the falsely so — called “war on terror.”   The stand-in boogey-man “Al Quida” is and always has been a CIA operation.   It was from the very beginning in Afghanistan.  Our criminal government has been supporting them all along with $$$ — and the armaments which blow our young men and women to smitherines.   We (the U.S. INC.) supported Al Quida openly IN LIBYA — and are now doing the exact same thing in SYRIA.  The so-called “Muslim Brotherhood” IS Al Quida — and Al Quida is OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE U.S. A. INC.

Hilary Clinton now fully admits that the great boogey-man Al Queda was invented owned and operated by the CIA.  I said it years ago.   So did many others.  We were labeled “conspiracy theorists.”  But — here are  OVER TWO MIILLION LINKS  which confirm and verify  what I just said.    Not only that but it also verifies what Assad has said all along.  Hello?

We are THE nation of total HYPOCRISY.

The phoney “war on terror” has been nothing but a “guise” — a “cover” for the most despicable crimes ever committed in the history of the world.

This is a war OF terror against all the decent human beings on earth and it is being carried out by the National Security State Incorporated and all its many subsidiaries.  And — it is being facilitated by a highly organized CRIMINAL SYNDICATE that makes the Mafia look tame in comparison.

It is a criminal racket where the RICO laws have been (and are) violated continually — and the billionaire thugs  who OWN the Justice System do anything they want– including genocide and murder — with total impunity while putting their middle finger in our face and loudly shouting “FUCK YOU!”

They could have never gotten away with this had we not allowed it.  But — we did allow it through our naive willingness to believe the LIES of authority figures and their paid “experts.”  Our society is far too impressed with purported “celebrities” and/or “scientific experts.”

Ours is a completely fraudulent — and yes DESIGNATED NOT ELECTED “government” which is only able to maintain its pretext and hoax by damn lies — threats — blackmail — murder — torture — thievery –  mind-control — vote fraud — bribery  and brutal force of arms.

Our nation is now fully run by the worst kind of criminal psychopaths  and gangsters.

There is only one thing to do about this.   There is only one thing that must be done.    MASS ARRESTS need to take place to  put these criminals behind bars where they belong.

Already there has been collected 27 semi-trucks FULL of documented EVIDENCE against these thugs.  Our National Security State Incorporated has already set up FEMA camps designed as PRISONS to hold dissident American citizens after Marshall Law has been established.

This is where the criminals in our government need to be taken immediately.

Do you think it will never happen?

If it does not — American is completely lost.   This problem is so severe it cannot be fixed or reformed — it must be totally and completely replaced.

There is already a new financial system ready to be put into effect nationally and world–wide.  This will be simultaneously with the mass arrests.  There will be complete restitution to the peoples of the world for their many decades of being swindled and defrauded and there will be no more Central Banks but National Banks which are run and controlled by the people.

80% of the military are READY for this to happen immediately.   Federal Marshals are standing by with truckloads of warrants.  Local sheriffs and LEOs are on alert and ready, the National Militias are ready to go.

There has been a plan since the 1970s to take back America –  and it will be done.  It will be done for our children — for their children and for every man, woman and child on the face of the earth who loves freedom — liberty — and God given human rights.

And — we are not alone but have ongoing support from some very high places.




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