The Money Masters

The Great Seal of the United States

Two: The Swindle



The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established a National Bank after that abomination of foreign control had already been totally rejected by the citizens of the United States two times before.  It put International Bankers in charge of our money supply instead of the people of the United States.  Things have steadily gone downhill ever since.

President Abraham Lincoln tried to put our money system fully into the hands of the people with the “Greenback” but was assassinated by the International Banking Terrorists who now in 2010 completely own America.  John Wilkes Booth was NOT a “lone gunman.”

The Federal Reserve Act was passed by only three Congressmen who were obedient cadres of the International Banksters.  They shoved it through during the Christmas recess of 1913 while Congress was almost empty.  What a highly significant Saturnalia.

Otherwise it would have never been passed since the people of the U.S. knew very well, by that time, about the designs on America from abroad and they well knew that money was the chief means of control.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild gave this famous quote which tells all–“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

That short quote tells you exactly what has happened and why America is no longer free–at all. This deceptive passing of the Federal Reserve Act began the downward spiral of America which continues to this very day.  And anyone who is not pretending to be an ostrich with their head buried in the sand can see the vanishing freedoms that America’s people stood for and held dear to their hearts as their most precious hope.

Now, the truth of 911 emerges out into the main-stream through the Washington Times after nearly nine long years of having been relegated as “fringe” by our government’s propaganda machine which is our 100% controlled news media.


The Global news media is owned by only six stooges of the world Oligarchy.  As I understand it, those six are now down to four here in the last part of 2010. Yes, there are the 6 (or 4) media companies that exist today.  There used to be 88.

These 6 all get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the AP and the Rothschilds own Reuters. The time has now arrived for all Americans to become very mindful of how things got this way and how we the American people lost our freedoms and to whom.

America is perishing right now and in her final days.  However, we need to know why and what it is that really made America great so that we can be clear about it and carry those principals of Divinely given human rights as well as liberty and justice-for-all on over into the coming cycle and the new civilization which will arise on planet earth.  Without sharing, there can be no Justice.   Without Justice there can be no peace.  The Truth spoken by Jesus and all the prophets who ever lived triumphs over the Big Lie.   Why?   Because that Big Lie is directly opposite to how the Universe and the Great Creation operates.

Knowledge and understanding of this fact  is the real America, not the nation of competitive mind-less consumerism it has deteriorated into.  Only the basic principals of the genuine America will become the very basis of the New Paradigm of peace on earth and goodwill toward men.  The angels proclaimed it at the birth of Jesus Christ and it will be.

Take out a dollar bill.  Look on the back.  On the left hand side there is a circle.  This is the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

The Great Seal of the United States was first viewed publicly in 1782 but did not appear on the back of your dollar bill until 1935— That was two decades after the Federal Reserve Banking System was put into place by deceptive means.  That reverse Seal of the United States says, “Annuit Coeptis” at the top of the circle.

This literally means “He has approved our undertakings.”

The interpretation always given is that “Divine Providence” has approved our undertakings.  In other words the “Divine” supposedly refers to the One Almighty God.

But, this is a twisted version of the “Almighty”” It self-righteously approves all America’s “undertakings” which can be wrapped up in the stars and stripes and sold in whatever way our politicians deem necessary–including lies, bribes, false advertising and mind numbing propaganda to induce the people of America into brutal agression against others.

That’s why George Bush could piously proclaim that “God” approves of his aggressive criminal actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Almighty God is the First Source of All-That-Is, not a brutal God of forces, jealousy and hatred as advertised by false religion.  Almighty God is Love, Light and Life iself.

And, according to this perverted supposition esposed by G.W. Bush and other Elitists,  if  Almighty God “approves” then no one dare question it.   And yet Almighty God says,  “TRY ME, TEST ME, QUESTION ME.”

This version of “Almighty God,” which they serve, is actually a “god” of forces, power and foremost–money.  The real religion of America is Mammon worship.  Money spent in the trillions for weaponry to murder other human beings–men, women and children on behalf of Corporatism.  And us, the dumbed-down and duped, and self-deluded American people, pay for it through our taxes.  We willing pay for our own destruction.



Rage Over Babylon

The fruit of such Satanic worship of Mammon is chaos, war and destruction. Many of our former political leaders also felt that the Almighty greatly “approved” of “Manifest Destiny.”  Nor did they consider that there would be any consequences that would result from the murderous “ethnic cleansing” and genocide of the  so-called  “savage” Native Americans.  Just like many today they did not have an inkling about the consequences of their evil actions.  They always murder in the name of  “Christ.”  It “sanctifys” there disgusting evil actions, attempting to add an air of  false piety to their abominations.  This was the very model Hitler followed in his Third Reich for his murderous concentration camps.

Corporate Fascism runs very deep in American politics, which by its very nature fosters a Manichean “us” and “them” approach to every problem and life in general. “If you are not with us, you are against us,” George Bush declared.  This is how he began to view any American who disagreed with his insane policies as an enemy and possible “terrorists.”

Here is some very pertinent information about why these symbols were chosen.   Note that the writing is in Latin?  That means the ROMAN EMPIRE.   The early Christian Church Fathers (post Constantine) thought that the ROMAN EMPIRE, their employers, was the seed of the Kingdom of Almighty God come upon the earth.  They said so in their own writings.

In these links, note the meaning of Novus Ordem Seculorum.  Read where this came from.   A poem by the Roman Poet Virgil.  And it is most important to note that it refers astrologically to SATURN.   Saturn is called the “grim reaper,”  and it represents suffering.  It was believed that only suffering could lead to enlightenment and peace on earth.  The suffering of Jesus Christ, the son-of-man,  is ignored, of course.  So, the New World Order is designed to create suffering and oppressive control.   It is a CATALYST to drive people to seek a better way than war, destruction, chaos and the slavery produced by money.  How?  By making the world system unlivable and intolerable.  You can see this in the following two links if you contemplate them a little.



Here is a quote from the above site about the symbolism of Saturn:

Astrologically the planetary Lord of Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn, a harvest god, is known as the grim reaper – hence his exaltation in Libra, the sign of the harvest – yet in Ancient Rome the mythical age of Saturn’s reign was envisaged as a golden age of happiness, without theft or servitude, and without private property. This prehistoric era was celebrated in Roman times at the darkness of the Winter Solstice, when laws and customs were turned on their heads at the Saturnalia. This festival commemorated the time of chaos before the Sun is reborn. Our era has incorporated these celebrations into the Christmas festivities.

Karmic Lessons

In mythology, grim Saturn castrated and overthrew his father, Uranus, but he also devoured his own children, for it was prophesied that one of them would destroy him. Indeed, he was eventually overthrown by his mighty son, Jupiter, heralding the beginning of civilisation.

Pay attention to this.   Saturn, which this left hand portion of the  Great Seal of the United States is about becoming like Saturn, a tyrant, who devours his own children, but one of his sons (Jupiter) overthrows him.  Then a genuine civilization of peace can ensure.  The right hand portion of the Great Seal of the United States is an Eagle who is gazing upon the garland  of PEACE.   So, the Great Seal of the United States is not only about the NWO control paradigm but about the final outcome when Saturn can no longer maintain his deceptive frauds.

It is not a “punishment” from Almighty God but a WAKE-UP call for those who have become deluded by this insane madness.   Everyone is responsible for their own actions, good or bad and Almighty God’s One Great Law of Cause and Effect is precise and perfect to the core.   It is not about punishment but about the fruit of ignoring Truth in favor of an abominable lie.

We bring suffering upon ourselves and those who do not accept responsibility for their own actions play the role of a “victim.”

So, you can easily see how astrology played a very important part in the great seal of the United States.  The United States was intended to act as a catalyst.   On the one hand it is the Bill of Rights and the Constitution,  Liberty and Justice for all—-or—- on the other hand it is a draconian New World Order to put pressure on all through suffering that they might finally choose the better way.  It actually started to be hijacked very early on by the capitalistic Robber Barons.  Now, they are fully in control.

Here is an analogy which expresses what this means:

A catapillar is imprisoned within a crysalis.  She struggles and struggles against the wall of her prison.   It is her inner drive that makes her do so.   She has no idea what is beyond those walls.   While she is engaged in this furious battle to gnaw away the confinement, which is at the same time her food, she is unaware of the fact that she is being strengthened.

For what?

She has no idea.   She doesn’t even know that during this process she is becoming a beautiful butterfly.   All she knows is that she must escape the agony of that prison.

Now, if during this process some do-gooder comes along and says,  “oh you poor catapillar” and breaks open that crysalis before it has served its transforming purpose, the catapillar will DIE.   The natural process of transformation has been thwarted by the do-gooder who may have had intentions of pity but was totally ignorant about how the Great Creation operates.  But, if the catapillar is allowed to complete her transformation (which she hardly knows is taking place), when she breaks through that shell, she is born again and flys away into a completely NEW world as a beautiful butterfly.   This is an analogy from Mother Nature about what our OWN transformation IS.    We move from the restrictive prison of the Fascist New World Order into the liberty, freedom and joy of a totally New Paradigm, never before even imagined.

We the American people became complacent and were seduced by selfishness, being taken over by a consumer mentality and subject to being duped by every piece of government propaganda that flowed over our 100% controlled main-stream news media.

Know ye not O man that ye shall reap the consequences of thine own actions?

Almighty God’s Great One Law of Cause and Effect is Perfect and always in operation.  In fact that One Law IS Almighty God and is a manifestation of the Most High Absolute.  Like Almighty God the One Law is OMNIPRESENT–that is everyplace and everytime all at once.

However, those acting out of selfishness and greed mostly do not see nor understand this and merely become despots and selfish tyrants with petrified hearts wanting to run a Romanesque Control Paradigm of selfishness and power over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children.  And they wish to make it a New World Order of evil and war and Empire exactly like Rome.   Yes, the “Kingdom of the Anti-Christ is already here, up and running.  And its terminal fate will be the same as Emperial Rome.  The unsinkable Titanic now goes under the waters of death and heads for Davey Jone’s Lockup.

And yes, the people suffer.  But eventually some of them  wake up and just say “NO!”   That’s because they still love their children and in the depths of their heart fervently desire them to experience a world without war, selfishness and greed.

As James, the brother of Jesus,  says in the New Testament, RESIST the devil….and he will FLEE from you.”  The only reason why this filthy abomination continues is because WE the people ALLOW it to continue.   The time has now come to wake up.  The “Seven Seals” are now being opened.

Benito Mussolini had a definition of “Fascism.”  He said,  “Fascism is more accurately called CORPORATISM.”   Hello?

In Mussolini’s day it was National Corporatism.  Today it is International-Multinational  Corporatism (Globalism) and that is Fascism  If you do not think so, look at the actions of the UN, the IMF, the FED and the World Bank and every other “yes man” cadre of despotism and slavery.

And that is what the New World Order is all about.  It is here in front of us to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that control, unbridaled ruthless competition, greed, war, deception and the worship of $$$ is totally self destuctive.

And, friends it is about to self-destruct big time. 

Saturn (Satan, the adversary) found himself dethroned and annihilated by one of his sons.  And so it will be in America and for the entire old paradigm which has prevailed over our Mother Earth for many thousands of years.

An entirely  NEW PARADIGM  of peace on earth and goodwill toward men awaits after the coming chaos.   And you cannot even imagine what a glorious world that will be!  And it is already here,  deep in the hearts of all those who Love Almighty God and are the called according to the Eternal Purpose.   The meek shall inherit the earth.   We who survive what is coming will take up our personal responsibility to become the careGIVERS of our Mother Earth and ALL of her children.

The unbridled Capitalism of greed and Corporate control is headed up by the Rothschilds  in Great Britain and the Rockefellers   here in the United States.

The Rothchilds are greatly respected by the evil political movement called Zionism.  When Rothschild  visits Irael they even put on theatrical productions that praise him.   He is a great star and hero to them.

The Rockefellers have openly stated their goals for a New World Order and their use of any methods , including war,  unspeakable brutalities, genocide and lying deception to get there.  David Rockefeller even states that since people won’t wake up to the tyranny all around them, they must be pushed, manipulate and driven by the World’s Elitists into a One World Government of total Corporate Control.  And David Rockefeller calls it a “new” religion.   Indeed.   It is very similar to the “old” religion which ignores genuine spirituality and embraces priestcraft instead, allowing others to do their thinking for them.

These two families are only loyal to one thing–money and world control with  their Elitists Corporate buddies.   They are total control freaks.

They assume  they are clever enough to control the masses through money and war, having many generations of experience.  They have had their filthy manipulating hands in every war on earth for several hundred years at least.  And they have enriched thmemselves with trillions of filthy lucre off the terrible sufferings of humanity.  Like Vampires, they live off the blood of their fellow beings.

In reality, they are nothing more than a highly organized crime syndicate  and a Satanic religion to boot.  Since their god of Money and War fully approves of raw power and aggression along with manipulation through money, no one dares question the Military/Industrial complex that has the ability and the money, in the name of National “Defense,”  to destroy the entire planet and every living being on her, should they, for some insane suicidal reason, desire to do so.

Eisenhower, and several other U.S. Presidents, strongly warned the nation of this rapidly growing menace but went completely unheeded.  His warning, and the warnings of several others, were ignored.  So now, you have what you have allowed to have.

Despotism now rules.

Underneath the Money Pyramid with the all-seeing eye, your dollar bill proclaims, “Novus Ordo Seculorum” which is Latin for “New Order of the Ages””

George H.W. Bush, his son “Dubya” and David Rockefeller openly proclaim their allegiances to the emerging “New World Order.”   They are traitors to the American people and only serve the special interests of Globalism and the Fascist New World Order.

This is their goal.  And, they serve hidden Masters who are far above them on the capstone at the very top of the Money Control Pyramid.

Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld, Clinton, Obama, Rockefeller, Rothschild and all their many “yes men” and minions  are the visible controllers but are only small potatoes compared to their invisible “bosses” who stay well hidden from view in the shadows behind the curtain, like the Wizard of Oz, while pulling the strings of their many dancing puppets.

The visible  underlings, in the Illuminati Hierarchy of control, respond without question to the orders given from their Puppet Masters on high–like all good and obedient soldiers inculcated and mind-controlled to “do or die.”  And if they do not, they suffer severe punishment and often death, if they get too out-of-hand or become disobedient to their handlers.

Our Controllers rule by threats and fear. The eye at the  top of the pyramid, on the Great Seal of the United States, is interpreted by the Status Quo to be the single eye of Almighty God that sees all.

However, this eye is a historically well known Egyptian symbol and the eye is not the eye of Almighty God at all.  It is the right eye of Horus borrowed from the Egyptian Priest-craft whose religious profession was to exercise strict control over the masses in the name of the “Divine.”  So, hidden in symbology is a message–Almighty God approves of our Priest-craft to produce the New Order of the Ages.  Nothing could be more blasphemous.

This is the totalitarianism of the New World Order and is telling you that such despotism is “approved” by Almighty God and has the stamp of “Divine” approval.

Another complete lie.

You see, the evil ones use traditional Black Magic which demands that an open hint must be visible to all in plain sight.  So they hide these “hints” by using symbolism which is mostly obscure to the general public–but not to everyone.

Those who speak out about this obvious symbolism are few in number and can be easily isolated and labeled as “conspiracy theorists.” and, of course,  “nutcases.”

All of this exercise of control and tyranny is in no way “approved” by the Divine because it is evil, contrary to the inner intention of the Great Spirit and it is the product of blind megalomania which produces malignant egophrenia and unbearable suffering to other beings.  And it does so  simply for the sake of someone’s personal greed, insane ambitions and ego-delusions.

It is complete madness but has a mostly hidden natural function of which the controllers themselves are almost completely ignorant.  It serves as an extreme pressure cooker to awaken our individual and collective consciousness about who and what we really are.

No evil, no matter how virulent it is, can stop or hinder the Divine Plan for our Mother Earth and her children–which is peace on earth and goodwill toward men.  It will be.  The sooner it is realized, the less suffering will occur and that’s why those of us in accordance with this Divine intention are speaking out in an attempt to facilitate this awakening at the earliest possible moment.  Apocalypse means REVELATION.

It appears that this bunch of Oligarchs is victimizing billions of people; however,each and every person is fully responsible for their own actions and every action engenders a reaction of like kind.  This is the immutable Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect.  We create our own reality whatever that may be.  Either we are aware of it or not, but our creation continues on anyway.

Once we wake up to this, we can create peace on earth and goodwill toward men, instead of suffering and chaos which is the result of our willing abdication of our own inner power and our apparent inability to create according to our heart’s inner intention.

How can we do this?  As a man thinks in his heart so is he.  We must reconsider, rethink, repent and reconcile.  We must allow ourselves to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Christians would say it is laying our burden at the foot of the cross of Jesus.  It is simply letting our long accumulated luggage drop away because it is totally useless.  It is letting go and letting be.   It is listening to the still, small voice from within us which proclaims the Eternal Purpose of Almighty God which is to further, uplift and bless ALL Life—-and, it must start with our own.

This creativity of ours operates by the only One Law there is—the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  Some call it Karma.

Know ye not O man that ye shall suffer the consequences of thine own actions?

Those at the top of the hierarchical world pyramid of control consider themselves to be of a much better genetic type of biological sentient being  separated from all the “lesser” inferior  beings.  The all-seeing eye of Big Brother floating above the pryamid is hovering  just above the hierarchical money pyramid with its layered structure of the pecking order of Control and Religio-political correctness.

You are fully controlled by your money and Big Brother is watching you. He wants to be sure you conform to your programing—-or else.

In other words, the philosophy of Racist Fascist Nazism is at the very foundation of their entire belief system–and they insist that you buy it too, which too many already have.  And, at the same time, Bolshevik Socialism with its many Communist programs is imposed to make you think your government is actually split into two philosophies about how to “manage” its people.

The left/right, left/right, left/right totalitarian goose step is a complete fraud.  Both the left and the right hopnail boots are worn by the same demon.

Communism and Fascism are one and the same, only in two different costumes.  The phoney and entirely manufactured “struggle” between them is only to keep the masses completely distracted and squabbling among themselves.  It works.  Actually, it is just to keep you in line and obedient to your programing.  They fear the social unrest that might accompany the awakening of the country.

They consider themselves to be the chosen ones of  Almighty God.  And, like the brutal god of forces and money which they serve, they view themselves as the severe bosses and controllers of their enslaved “underlings.”  So, they believe that anything they might do is “righteous” and has the Divine Approval of their false “god.”  Why?

In  order to stroke their own egos.

Part Three:  Zionism

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