These Things Happen



Why?  How come our society and all its institutions are now being inundated by death waters?  Why is the economy collapsing?  Why do we now have continual warfare with no end in sight?  Why are millions of people all over the planet now suffering from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanos, terrorism, crime, war and ethnic cleansing?  Why are people loosing their jobs, their homes, their pensions, their retirement…and their children?

There is one underlying  reason. 

I will try to explain my own perspective about it. I can only do that according to what I have personally discovered in my 69 years upon this earth in my present human instrument.  And, after reading this and contemplating it, you should look into some of these things for yourselves.  It is easy to do if you have a computer.  There are thousands upon thousand of articles of documentation and to deny the facts, one must be in severe denial.  Although America has becom the land of denial, this is very unwise indeed.   

I now emphasize something very important.  Do not take my word for anything said here at all.  Discover things for yourself.  Then, and only then, can you come to your own logical conclusions. 

At first, what I am about to say may seem disturbing and negative.  But, bear with me.  It may upset or even scare you; however, if you follow clear through the entire writing here on my website, a very positive hope will come into focus and you will have the opportunity to experience a Grand AHA!  How you respond to what is written here is entirely up to you but I can tell you this.  Once you awaken to what is going on and get past the horror of it, something beyond your wildest imagination awaits.  Whether you find it or not is entirely up to you.

Connecting of all the loose dots can occur.  But, it is necessary to review how we got to this point of crisis and why this deterioration,  decline and destruction of America, and indeed our entire world civilization, is  now underway and is totally inevitable.  But, as I will explain, the living seed already exists for a new civilization to arise.  It will be a civilization where peace on earth and goodwill toward men is normal.  This is what the angels proclaimed at the birth of Jesus Christ.   This is what all the prophets of all times have seen in their visions.  Such a huge change has never occurred before in the entire known history of the world.   These are truly the “end of days.”  Indeed, it is the end of an age and the end of a very dysfunctional world paradigm.  However, an entirely New Paradigm awaits and it is very much alive and visible when one seeks with all their being and are willing to let go of their baggage accumulated over several generations on a downward spiral to self-destruction.

These are not only the days of change, but of a complete transformation in our entire way of thinking.  It built up slowly over thousands of years in linear time and there have been many catalysts. Those have led up to this final accelerating downward spiral of our entire dysfunctional systemic error.  We now live in what has been called in the earliest writings ever uncovered by archeologists, which are the ancient Sumerian Clay Tablets, “the end of days.”  This world chapter is now in its final paragraph and an entirely new volume about to begin.  As the old paradigm fades, the New Paradigm arises—-just as in the ancient myth of the Phonix—-up out of the ashes of total destruction a resurrection occurs completely shed of the old dysfunctions.  This is not “perfection” but it is a transformation to the beginning of happiness and peace on earth and goodwill toward men. 

First, I will discuss a few of the main catalysts because they have been mostly hidden from us for way too long.  Now is the time to wake up from our long slumber and discover who and what we really are and why we are here in these human instruments.  We must now awaken and notice what we never noticed before. It has been right there in front of us all along for many generations on planet earth.  Now, it is critical that we learn and heed the clear lessons of history or repeat another long cycle of ignorant darkness.  We have now come to the crossroads.

We must understand why this is happening, what will soon transpire and what will emerge after all the dust and smoke finally settles. I can tell you this:  What will remain for those of you with love and peace in your hearts will be greatly strengthened–wonderful beyond your wildest dreams and most creative imaginations.  No, I am not speaking of “heaven on earth” nor am I speaking of some kind of “Utopia.”  I speak of the normal ups and downs of life–but not driven by this present brutal madness.

How about beginning by acknowledging a simple indesputible fact.   WAR IS A RACKET!

For a long time now our entire planet has been virtually a Prison Planet of Slaves and Masters.  This situation will now end forever.  True and Lasting Freedom is the destiny and Great Divine Plan for Mother Earth and her children who would rather be care-givers than exploiters–who would rather be healers than destroyers.

There are two basic spiritual orientations of human beings on our world and even off world. This is not determined by their culture, religion nor race, but by their own inner spiritual choice. 

1) There are those whose hearts truly desire the highest and best good for all beings.
2) There are those who wish to exercise power and control over other beings.  

Here is another way to put it:

1) There are those who, in their deepest heart of hearts, have a fervent intention for peace upon earth and goodwill toward all men.
2) There are those who are addicted to money, power, greed, control and war.  They think that adjusting and manipulating the human race into what they assume is docility and unhindered efficiency is under their destined control. Their desire is for a society of obedient human robots programmed to carry out the orders of their Masters. 

To accomplish this society of obedient automatons, they are willing to decide over who lives and who dies and they feel that their assessments are correct—-and even “righteous.”

There is a tremendous false piety among those who would be the Slave Masters over our beautiful planet and all her children.  Another and very succinct way of describing these two basic spiritual orientations is:

1)  There are those who serve the One Creator of All-That-Is.
2) There are those who serve whatever they deem to be good or expedient for their own personal agenda. 

These two spiritual orientations are often called “Service to Others” and “Service to Self.”  STO and STS, to abbreviate.

These two spiritual orientations have lived side by side here, interacting for thousands of years.  Most people have been a mixture of both views and many have been sitting on the fence unable to decide which route to take in their own spiritual journey.  In the crisis which is soon to come, ALL will decide one way or the other and make a totally clear choice.  That choice will determine the “how” of their continuing evolution of consciousness.  They can become clear about the “how” when they understand the “why” and that is what this writing is about.  The “how” is totally interconnected with the “why.”

The severe and unprecedented change (or catastrophe as many  will call it) which is soon coming upon the earth, is at the same time a unique opportunity never before experienced by humanity.  It will necessitate that a genuine spiritual decision be made by all.  It is the next step in the evolution of our individual  and collective consciousness.  It also represents a huge change and activation of our biological DNA. 

A partial explanation of this is known by biologist as a 


This explanation falls short.  However, it is the best that  materialist/realist reductionary science can muster but it ignores the most important aspect, which is  human consciousness. 

DNA Unwinding

Homo Sapiens Sapiens is presently undergoing a biological change (at the DNA level) and thus, a very rapid change in consciousness.  This is being experienced as a “waking up.” It is completely necessary because our present civilization is completely unsustainable and cannot continue on as “business as usual.”  If it did, mankind would be completely destroyed by his own hand and such is not the Divine plan nor our Destiny.  Something much better is in store for human beings who are able to make this transition—-peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Since the era when the Biologists came up with the “Punctuated Equilibrium” explanation for these rapid changes, the most important connection between human DNA and human consciousness has been well established.  The relationship between our DNA and our human consciousness was well understood by Francis Crick, the discoverer of the DNA double helix. 

At the end of the 1980s he challenged all the scientists in the world.  “Now that the geometry of the DNA spiral has been discovered, every scientists in whatever field they be must begin to undertake a serious study regarding human consciousness.”

Francis Crick said this because human consciousness is a mirror of our DNA.  In fact DNA and human consciousness are the same thing oscillating on densities of varying frequencies. 

All living species on planet earth are now undergoing change due to the unusual cosmic events. 


Some species are dying out completely and others are changing their mode of operation.  Homo Sapiens Sapiens is one of them.  Mankind on planet earth is entering into a heightened state of conscious awareness never before experienced.  A New Paradigm of thought is now rapidly arising. 

Mother Earth’s planetary time-line is about to split apart into two branches headed in different directions.  For the next step in our human evolution, individuals residing in these two spiritual orientations can no longer live together side by side because they interfere with and hinder the learning progression of each other. 

One way to put it is that in this Cosmic University, these two different Spiritual  Orientations are now required to specialize in two different courses of study.  The point has now been reached where both groups must take these specialized courses in order to learn their lessons.  They can no longer remain together in a generalized course of study and application.  For both orientations, the final graduation is the same–eternal awe of the One, for there is none other. 

For now, one branch (STS) will continue on this present downward spiral, manifesting a Master/Slave relationship. However, those who are now the Masters will become the subjected Slaves and thus receive their just compensation through the unfailing Law of Cause and Effect.  For all of us, this Cosmic University Course is one of learning from direct experience.  The time has now arrived for Lady Justice to make her appearance on Mother Earth and final exams are already underway. 

The other branch (STO)will move completely away from such hierarchical pecking orders and manifest peace on earth and goodwill toward men–their deepest desire realized.  The only “hierarchy” ( if you can call it that) will be a hierarchy of service to  all other beings according to the personal wisdom gained.  Their inner intention will become materialized.  That will be the long prophesied “golden age” spoken of  by prophesy in every culture on earth for thousands of years.

It  is not the end of the world, only the end of a very long cycle and the beginning of a new one–minus the Master/Slave relationship of the present Control Paradigm,  for those who  choose it in their innermost intention.  No one wants to be a slave but the problem is greatest when the slaves suffer the mass delusion that they are free.  Such is the case in America.

But, the  condition of the heart can no longer be faked.  There are no more secrets.

The veil between dimensions is now thinning rapidly. There is already arising a completely  New Paradigm and entirely new way of thinking which recognizes our interconnectivity and oneness.


As Jose Arguelles and others have said, we are moving from the Technosphere (materialistic reductionistic science) into the Noosphere (mind–in the ongoingprocess of discovering the Universal Field of infinite energy and intelligence.)


This is the clear choice that each of us will now make, regardless of what metaphors we may use to label and describe it.  We are in the middle of experiencing the awakening of our human consciousness.

My prayer is that this following discourse and shared information will help you make that inner decision once and for all.  And if you already have, may it strengthen the determination of your choice–either way. For many of you it will be an easy choice to make, having already made such a decision in your heart of hearts.

Now I want to talk about some of the catalysts that were meant for selfish and evil purposes but the unintended result is that instead of subjugating us, as planned, have instead helped our awakening. 

Although much evil has been done upon our beautiful Mother Earth, in the final analysis, this evil only served to solidify a stronger and stronger inner vision, intention and determination for lasting peace among those so inclined.   

Part One:  911





This terrible travesty has many more implications than are readily available on the surface.  I present the tragedy of 911  as the first item among many catalysts because understanding the implications of it is absolutely crucial.  When followed through by logical analysis, it will lead one to discover the “why.”  It will set one off on a course destined to transform our entire way of thinking.

In the aftermath of the 911 tragedy many questions still remain unanswered and even unaddressed by our government. And our entire government up in Washington D.C. greatly balks at allowing any answers to be forthcoming.


Considering the mound of unanswered questions and inconsistencies, on the surface, it makes no sense at all.  In fact, certain Powers That Be  have worked very hard at suppressing the collected evidence about what happened on 911 and name-calling anyone who refuses to buy into their ridiculous official story, “fringe elements” and “conspiracy theorists.”  This is rather hypocritical because they themselves put forth (as truth) the weakest and most full-of-holes “conspiracy theory” in the entire history of the world.

Many Americans, full of trust in their “elected” government, simply bought the goods lock-stock-and-barrel, assuming that their “elected” officials would not lie to them–especially over something this huge and terrifying with absolutely foreboding implications.  The nearly nine years since then have seen continual war and the beginnings of severe economic collapse–world-wide.

But not all the people who witnessed those events made such assumptions because they saw what happened with their own eyes and had their own experiences which they could not deny simply because our government officials tried very hard to dissuade them.  They did not believe the poisonous and very obvious lies and deceptions which were presented to them, nor did they buy into automatic trust for their  so-called “elected” government.  There are manyAmericans who strongly smelled a rat at the very beginning when they saw those towers free-fall into their own footprints and heard the live testimonies of the first responders. 


It is now proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the twin towers fell due to a controlled demolition.  The implications of that are very far reaching, to say the least.  However, we mustface up to it and answer the question…”WHY?”

So, those in our government who are complicit in this, despise, demean, ridicule and label as unAmerican” anyone who dares to question their very leaky conspiracy theory–which they sold to the public with an authoritarian straight face and acted as if it was “case closed.”

No.  This is still very much open and final closure is needed.  In fact, closure for the sake of America and all the people of the world is absolutely essential.

The Politicians of both parties seem to be saying, “We know what’s best for America.  We are your elected government. Do not question our expertise.”

But, if we ever stop questioning our politicians, we are utterly lost.  And when they refuse to answer our questions and are caught covering up evidence, we should be smart enough to then realize something is very wrong.

But, the Intelligence Organizations know that it was (what they call in the Intelligence business) a “false-flag” operation.  And a couple  of those from inside those covert three letter agencies have told me that an operation of that magnitude had to have been carried out by several intelligence organizations world-wide. 

Indeed it was.

On behalf of whom?

I can tell you and prove to you “whom” and it is (and has been) far from obvious but it is now becoming more and more visible by the moment.  It is clear to anyone who has actually looked at the many known facts about the attacks on 911 and the mountains of hard evidence objectively–without preconceived notions through their brain-washing and the phoney “investigation” of the 911 Commission–that the government has lied continually from the very beginning and done so blatantly without conscience or shame.

It is true that many simply “went along” with it out of fear for their own lives and the lives of their families.  For example, many Military  people who were staring at screens that day thought, and had been told, that the whole thing was only an “exercise.” They were horrified when they found out that it was actually happening. 

There has been a massive cover-up at the very highest levels because a great evil hoax, which extends far beyond this particular event, has long been perpetrated. 

Blood Brothers

This is a huge CRIME which includes murder, deception, High Treason and many other criminal actions which are punishable by the Rule of Common Law and the Constitution of the United States–if and when the Law is ever properly applied, as it indeed should be.  One has to ask, “why hasn’t any legal action been taken up till now?  Why have the American people stood by and allowed this horrible travesty to be quietly swept under the carpet exactly like the assassinations of JFL, RFK and so many other engineered events?  Why are so many “investigations” of such events suddenly and inexplicably shut down without any genuine resolution?  This is very ominous indeed and leaves us wondering who is really in charge. 

Certainly the American people are not in charge and cannot trust those whom they voted for.

So this represents a complete subversion of what America was intended to stand for and what many people thought it did stand for.  911 was a very rude awakening.  It was an awakening that should have happened decades before. 

To many of us, what happened on 911 is already fully settled and there can no longer be any reasonable doubt that the 911 attacks involved the direct complicity and involvement by criminal elements inside our own government at the very highest levels.  But, many other factions throughout the world were also involved.

This massive problem runs deeper than anyone can imagine and its tentacles reach into every aspect of our lives.


Anyone daring to say this publically becomes a target of Zionism.   This link which I just gave above, for example, is sometimes difficult to access. 

Alan Sabrosky has made statements to this fact and offered considerable proof.  Some of the videos and interviews where he present this evidence have now been taken down because our entire Mainstream New Media is a puppet of Zionism.  So — I present some Goggle results from Alan Sabrosky’s name and you will find out what he has to say even if some of those sights have already been squashed. 


One aspect, which is now coming fully to light, is that indeed 911 was an inside job but it also involved the  Nation of Israel, who now fully controls the United States of America.  Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders have blatantly and arrogantly said so in public and there is much proof of it.


Yes, no doubt about it, Israel Now Controls the United States. This is a fact that few are presently aware of.  I will expound on this fact a little further along in this article.

So, there remains the question of “WHY?”  What was the motive for this terrible criminal abomination?

The most obvious answer is that it happened for the sake of political and financial manipulations in order to conduct unending war against pre-designated “enemies” forpurposes which were falsely advertised to the public. 

Was 911 carried out to rally the American people’s patriotic support for the highly illegal political actions of our vast International Military/Industrial/Complex?   Was 911 suppose to be another Pearl Harbor to pull the U.S. into war?  Were the  many lies the government told about what happened on 911 designed to gain public support for an agenda which is not in our best ineterests?

Yes to all of those.  But this is still only the very surface level of a much vaster operation which has existed and has been gradually building up over a very long time.

The effect was indeed to rally the American people to support illegal wars.  It worked out that way simply because the majority of the American people fully, and too easily, bought the lies they were told without insisting upon answers to the many questions raised.  This is very puzzling and scary because it shows a complete lack of attention and responsibility being demonstrated  by the citizens of the United States.  Those who were so easily duped are still often heard to say, “Our own government would not be involved in that?   Would they?” 

Oh yes they would–and I am going to tell you exactly why.  All the things I am about to discuss will eventually lead you to the answer.  There are many different layers and I will unpeel them one by one.

What I have stated so far is only the very topmost layer.

I suggest that you take a good look at that recent explosive article from the Washington Times in the above references.  This article was the most read article the WT published that week and is still being read by thousands.  The WT is a highly “conservative” (even Neo-Con) newspaper that has traditionally been obediently all for the “War on Terror” but serious questions are popping up once again which simply cannot be ignored because there is a chorus of many credible voices.  Nano-thermite, which is a sophisticated military explosive, was found in samples taken from the WTC and now has been confirmed by many scientists and engineers.  Over a thousand of them signed a petition calling for a new and honest investigation.


As many of us saw from the first, the collapse of the three buildings at the World Trade Center that day was a classic controlled demolition.  The newsmen reporting at the time even stated that it looked like a controlled demolition —-but those shots were only aired once.  Several people recorded them however.  The Neo-Conservatives in their early writings–The Project For A New American Century–stated that they needed a new “Pearl Harbor” type of event in order to rally the support of the American people for the Empire building they had in mind.


Again, this seems to be an obvious answer.  However, there is still much more to it.

But WHY do they wish to exercise control over the Middle East?  Is it because of the vast oil supplies which are located there? 

It is true that war always means lucrative contracts for the Military/Industrial Complex. War is, and always has been, a real money generator for those who know the right way to manipulate it for their own profit.  And certain people, with completely petrified hearts, have no problem making money off the death and suffering of others whom they judge to be “lesser than” themselves or in some way “inferior” to them.

But, at the same time that the Corporations of the Military/Industrial Complex were generating billions off their war contracts, the war in itself was (and is) generating more and more terrorist every second of every day. 

Winning Hearts and Minds

You simply cannot bomb men, women and children by shock and awe in their own country and expect them not to be absolutely furious.  It is guaranteed that they will fight back with everything they have.  Every being in the Universe has the right to self-defense against evil aggression.  In this case, these people have no “Military/Industrial Complex” so they use sticks, stones, AK-47s, gernade launchers and suicide bombings against the aggressors–who, as the propaganda declares, are trying to bring “stability” and “democracy” and “win” the heart’s and minds of the people.  However, in reality they are only bringing destruction, death and total despair and creating more and more “terrorists.”  All their efforts are counterproductive to say the least.

The ones in charge of this abomination are not stupid. Creating chaos was their intention and plan from the very beginning.  By creating such chaos and fear they jockey themselves into a position of power and control.  They control both sides of every conflict in order to determine the outcome each time. 

The war in both Iraq and Afghanistan has done absolutely nothing but generate tens of thousands of very determined “terrorists,” not only in Muslim countries but all over the world.  Rather than a “war on” terrorism it is actually a war OF terrorism against all the peace-loving people on planet earth.  This is STATE terrorism in its most blatant and virulent form.

Who gains and WHY?  Do you think these wars are only about oil?

With the new satellite imaging combined with HAARP  TECHNOLOGY, they can now find oil reserves any place on the earth–and indeed have already located several previously unexplored oil reserves right here in the United States and other places.

All they have to do is drill for oil where they know it to be and there it is. 

They know where to drill.  There is more oil right here under the United States than we could possibly use for a hundred years.  So, there has to be more to it than oil. 

Alan Greenspan in his new book states that “Iraq was about oil all along and we all knew it.”

In other words, here he is blatantly telling you that the reasons given to the public for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were totally fraudulent and “we all knew it.” 

This alone is High Treason.  Wake up.  Where oh where is our Constitution and the clear remedy it offers for such utter despotism?

Why is not Alan Greenspan, along with his tyrant comrades, up before a Congressional Investigation Committee?

Why?  Because our Congress has been totally infiltrated and compromised–both parties.

They would much rather you believe it was all about oil than what it was actually about.

It was/is all about totalitarian world hegemony. 

911 began  the final thrust of world totalitarianism and it is in the hands of those who desire control over ALL the world’s money and have the Military might through the U.S. Pentagon to crush anyone who might disagree-even slightly.

And it is all being done under arrogant agenda for world hegemony along with pious self-righteousness cloaked as “National Security.”  They do not want the American people to know because they need their cooperation and complicity in their own demise as a nation.  We have already lived in a “National Security State” now for some time.

In the writing to follow, I will show how and why the United States of America is no longer a nation of, by and for her people, and has been totally handed over to World Oligarchs who desire totalitarianism over the entire planet and wish to rule all the people on earth as unquestioned absolute dictators.

How did it get this way?

We allowed it to happen for two reasons:  1) we ignorantly submitted to being mind-controlled by several different methods such as TV, allowing Sodium Flouride to be put into our drinking water supplies and all kinds of false advertising and propaganda.  We were indifferent to the many signs all around us because our deteriorated belief system kept us entrained on aquisition,  mindless consumerism and false pride.


2) In general, as a society, we became complacent, turning our lives over to our elected designated officials, trusting them and yet we did not require any accountability for their immoral and criminal actions.

We allowed our country to fall into ruin while hypnotized by its many glitzy illusions, falsely assuming that this was the meaning of life.  The real “god” of our society became Mammon–$$$. We totally forgot who and what we really are, both as individuals and as a nation.

Now the time has come to change course completely.  This requires much more than a “fix.” It requires a total makeover in our entire way of thinking about everything and all these many catalysts will facilitate that, although most of the criminals involved haven’t a clue about that in their greed, arrogance and blindness.

Now, continue on to Part Two.


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