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nestingwave (Roy) and Satchel

When all is said and done, every human being on planet earth in their heart of hearts wants exactly the same thing — just to love and be loved in return, to creatively work with their own two hands . . . and offer undying hope to their children.

The elucidation of that fact is why my blogs are here.

These are precious days.  I say this even though these are also days of great peril, turmoil and upset. If we can get past those challenges, we can then begin to see and grok something beautiful which is way beyond the frontiers of  human experience up until  this time.

My friends, we are entering a planetary shift of Cosmic proportions.  Think of it as the adventure of all adventures.  You have not even yet imagined the awesomeness which awaits in the aftertime.  Between now and then is a great challenge, an unprecedented transition which requires much courage.  We will all be tested.

Gathering up the useful tools to be used by the human instrument and learning how to use them is a large part of what I wish to share.

A great reckoning is now taking place.  The Hopis call it “The Great Purification.” Christians call it the “Return of the Christ.” Others call it “growing up” or “the evolution of consciousness.” 

In fact, it is all of those things and more.  In fact, what is now unfolding is way beyond our wildest dreams and imagination.  It is quite difficult to comprehend sometimes — but there is a potential and possibility now unfolding which is completely unprecedented — and this is both spiritual and physical.  

We will understand more and more about this event as these days proceed, no matter what we do.

Regardless of what anyone calls it, all human beings on our Mother Earth are now being inwardly compelled to make a very important choice — a life decision — which will determine not only their future, but their quality of life and happiness in each present moment.

So, here I present various aspects of this great ongoing shift in the articles I write and also in the articles and messages which I choose to share.  This is emerging from my constantly changing, developing and ever-growing perspective.

It is my heart’s desire that, although some of the things I mention in these blogs are perhaps very difficult to hear,  they are perspectives  helping us to better understand the reasons why that our reconsideration, rethinking, love, compassion, forgiveness, non-judgement, re-evaluation, discernment, reconciliation and patience are very necessary at this moment — and are the only keys to lasting happiness and peace for us — and also for our children and their children.

The aim of this blog is to show the positive side of this coin called Life and daily human living.  However, to be able to see that positive side one must have an understanding about how our civilization got into the present tangled mess of collapse and what the real stakes are.

Some of the things I have to say here can be frightening,  if one is not aware of the Big Picture and how it will effect us all. There is a great need to wake up and become aware of who and what we are and why we are here experiencing these ups and downs of life.  We can learn how to appreciate this unfolding drama,  instead of becoming overwhelmed by fear, anxiety and despair, as is the case with many in these days who are amazed when they discover that things are not as they had always assumed them to be — nor as they were told.

Here are my  blogs.  Enjoy!







The Zen master looked at his students and said, “Now… you are all already perfect… but you could all use a little improvement.”

  1. Thanks for the invite!

    A Friend of Peace is a Friend of mine!

    Seems few it is who have found this ‘narrow’ path called Peace.
    Guess that’s why He said It; ‘Passeth all understanding.”

    What a time to Be Here!


  2. My entire science fiction novel “Downstep” is up online. It is now on one of my other blogs. http://downstep.wordpress.com Enjoy! And make a comment if you wish.

    Peace be upon the earth and among all being.



  3. Nestingwave,

    I am ever so glad I found your site. We have crossed paths a few times in the ULC forums, I am “RevAl” or “Felbain” if you possibly remember.

    I have always appreciated your insightful responses to the posts on ULC and I look forward to coming back here and do much more “discovering”.

    My wife and I both ever so appreciate those who perpetuate Peace as a principle and action, not just a theory. We oft time find this difficult to do in this topsy turvy “Whirled” we live in.

    As those who know Peace, spread Peace so does return to us.

    Blessings of Peace, Tranquility and Spiritual Growth,


  4. Wow, incredible. I honestly don’t know WHERE to start other than to say what you posted…”Mathematics, geometry, physics, religion — a plethora of emotions, love, music, sex, sorrow, anger every creative idea I ever had, every project I ever constructed, every day dream I ever entertained, every social situation I ever encountered, every person I ever loved, every fear I ever dreaded, every deadly word I ever spoke and on and on into refinements and specifics encoding a new perspective on every relationship, a fresh new view of the world in which unlimited energy interacts at the quantum level to spin worlds — and overall — there was a central oneness full of awesomeness and profoundness that guided this interactive intention — for we instinctively knew from the beginning that other minds were deeply involved with this event — involved with us personally. It was too beautiful and too life confirming and too humbling and too too profound to ever be called “fearful or terrifying.”

    …” is PRECISELY the same end result as my experiences with similar circumstances and substances in the late 70’s.

    I had an experience in 1999, long past any “experimental days” with hallucinogens. I was at the peak of my runic studies and doing works with green and white majik and seidhr…a form of mental/astral magic. I was living in my 3 bdrm, 2 story house which I bought in Willow Creek in world famous Humboldt County. My property bordered the Trinity River and a number of times I had odd experiences while doings ‘works’ near the water…which many of us know is a conduit for many energies.

    I had just moved upstairs as my girlfriend and I split but I continued to rent her a downstairs portion of the house. While busily working on my thesis for my masters and Fellowship, my computer flashed a couple of times and then flickered into oblivion. This wasn’t totally strange as power out there was wickedly weird. I turned it off and went into “practice mode” on some harrowing and rune-casting methods I had recently developed.

    As I stood facing away from the front window doing my works, I kept getting a glimpse of my shadow in front of me, which too was not all that strange as car lights for both mine and neighbor’s driveways would produce such an effect. The only thing missing was the “crunch sounds” of gravel beneath tires. When I turned around to go look out the window I was startled by 3 orbs of light, about billiard ball size, pulsating and hovering just outside the window.

    The window was open and I cautiously approached thinking “flashback” might be one answer, my majik works another possibility or I was totally seeing things as a third possibility. Strangely, earlier that very day I had taken the screen out to replace the wire mesh and it was still down in my workshop so I reached out to the light orbs.

    At first they would stay just out of reach, then they began to do exactly what you spoke of, forming symbols and then…I don’t know how to explain it as I didn’t SEE any separation or duplication… there just suddenly WAS more and more orbs until about a dozen were present. The orbs kept forming a deliberate sequence of shapes.

    After approximately 20 minutes… of which I couldn’t take my eyes away as I kept fumbling blindly to find my camera… I found it and of course, no film. As suddenly as there were 12 or so, there were 3 again. As I reached out the window for them again, this time one by one they would “hover” in my palm. The current commercial of that “Fushigi Ball” best describes my few moments of interaction with them doing a juggle, a roll up the arm and manipulating them in astonishing ways.

    Utter and complete silence filled the air…a stifling silence… but the smell of ozone was thick, very thick. There was no heat or cold, no real light against my hand or arms as I “held them” (about 1/4″ – never actually touching my skin) so the balls were emanating light but not producing light in any conventional manner.

    I was now seated in the window, legs hanging out over the outside of the front of the house and nearly fell off my perch as my ex screamed at the top of her lungs “Frank! Get the hell off our property I can see your %*@$#!% flashlights!” (Frank was a nosy neighbor who routinely walked across our property at night snooping on people in the surrounding cabins and houses)

    As I regained my balance I looked up and realized the orbs had vanished. For weeks I kept the screen loosely hung in the frame awaiting the return of these orbs. I felt as if they would return nearly every night. I even reproduced the same runic works I was doing when they appeared, but an intense “knowing” that works were not the source or cause of these orbs to appear, kept me guessing.

    From the moment of my encounter with the orbs though the pulsing influx of information and knowledge was incredible…things were confirmed that I ‘just knew I knew but didn’t know HOW I knew’ type thing.

    Anyway, that’s my encounter with a very similar thing. Are they from the “grays”? I don’t know. Which is something I’ve always found odd…with all the confirmations and knowledge pumped into my head…absolutely ZERO about the source or origins of these orbs.

    THANK YOU Nestingwave for opening up this topic, I sincerely hope many more comments and similar experiences follow.

    You have inspired me to post some similar articles on my blog now!

    Take care,

    Blessings of Peace,

    “Reverend Al”

  5. Wow Reverend Al, that was one hell of a comment. Another “tin hat” I see. hahahah.

    I think there are probably a lot of people that have had such unique experiences, however, few will talk about them. The “orbs” are a common UFO occurance. This is a transdimensional experience which more and more folks are encountering in these days. My mind is blown away!


  6. Nestingwave,

    This was a fascinating story that peaked my interest. Brilliant. How interesting an experience. I read it with great attention, not having studied any of the extra terrestrial data, I knew nothing of the experience. Not having tried LSD – knowing that if I took that trip, I may never come back – it appeared that that may have been a factor initially and as you said, there are no parallel hallucinations… or are there?

  7. First, let me start by echoing Frank’s sentiments… A friend of peace is not only a friend to me, but to all the world. Thank you nest, for choosing such a wise life path.

    That being said, I should point out that I am a follower of Christ. I do not think that I qualify for what the modern world refers to as “Christian”, as I feel the modern Christian church has moved far away from the actually teachings of Jesus. I do believe what the Bible tells me though… And as a result, I do believe that the world will be subject to a grand deception. While I DO believe that aliens exist, I also believe that the phenomena we are now witnessing is, to a large extent, a part of that deception.

    Some things about your admittedly interesting story do jump out at me… Things that i have little doubt you have considered for yourself, but perhaps not as fully as possible.

    First of all… You DO realize, of course, that mass hallucination is not a common thing, but it DOES happen? Some of what you say here reminds me of experiences I have had when dealing with certain fungi. Two things in particular. First, I recall clearly when me and my wife (at the time) partook of these mushrooms together. I watched as she proceeded to rip open a tear in the sky on a somewhat cloudy day, revealing just a peek of another, active world residing behind it. We where both leaning on the back of a car in front of our house at the time, and I clearly saw exactly what she was seeing… We sat calmly and discussed it in fact. This was not so very surprising for us, as she had previously pulled me into her dreams at night more then once. The second example has to do with my brother and the same esoteric fungi… And the shapes you saw. I ingested these mushrooms pretty regularly back in those days, and feel that I am a better person today for the experience. One thing that was fairly regular for me was the same sort of shapes being made in the sky that you describe… Though, in my case the very stars themselves where usually the source of these shapes… we used to refer to it as “the stars dancing”. I say “we” because on more then one occasion while sharing the experience, I would actually have my brother (named Bob BTW), come and check to see if he too could see these stars dancing… Most times he could. Though i dont understand the mechanics of it of course, I bring these examples up simply to demonstrate that shared experience, when dealing with hallucinogens is not all that uncommon a thing…I am not saying that IS what happened in your case, just pointing out that the possibility exists that it could be in whole, or in part, a contributing factor…

    As you know, I have very little time bro… I have more things to point out that jump out at me… But they will have to wait for now… I will return and post more as time allows…

    • Hello Child of the Storm,

      Thanks for the comment. And yes, I would be interested in anything further you night have to say. As to “deception,” the entire present World Paradigm is deception and the quenching of human consciousness and revelation of God’s Eternal Purpose. See the interview with Graham Hancock now posted on my front page, it is the best and most concise synthesis of this I have ever heard and it matches my own experiences to a tee.



  8. Very nice story. Yes you are right it is similair to mine. We dont have long to wait now. All will be reveled soon! Thanks for playing your part!!! Peace and blessings,peter

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