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911 Is Now Fully Exposed



Here are a few very pertinent links about what is really going on. Many of you who are reading this know very well that you are continually being lied to by your Prestitute Main-Stream Media.  It is fully owned and operated by the Tyrannical Organized Criminal Cabal which has for some time now completely hijacked our beloved country, America.

What must we do?

Educate yourself, consider, use discernment, contemplate and do your own research as others who actually care about knowing the truth have already done.

911,  and its aftermath of endless wars of aggression, assault upon God-given human rights, lies, torture and death was by far the most abominable mass organized and systematic criminal operation to have ever taken place on our planet.

Now, evidence has emerged (and is continuing to emerge) which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that 911 was a carefully planned and executed nuclear attack upon America — and upon all human decency — carried out by several governments including our own.  The “official” story propagandized so loudly and strongly by our government (over and over again) was a complete lie designed to cover-up this horror by using Osama bin Laden — a CIA operative who was made into the patsy.  This gave the propagandized public a “villian” to focus their revenge on and a phony reason to sell the public on supporting war after war after war of looting, assaults upon civilians and aggression.  

Unfortunately, it worked.  But — in spite of this — the American people are now waking up.  

Denial about the truth of 911 is no longer possible.  So — show some guts,  stand up and be counted  and do NOT allow yourself to be swindled and duped by despots and liars any longer.

[AN UPDATE 4/18/2016 – I really should have put this update much earlier because it is very relevant to the entire 911 issue which is now finally emerging. What this woman has to say about 911 and the probable use of satellite based secret energetic weaponry is most likely true in addition to the use of nuclear weaponry (and who knows what else.)



















We Need A New Inclusive World Security Architecture


Helga Zepp LaRouche

In the referendum on the independence of Scotland, London once again got its way, by the skin of its teeth—at least for the time being—thanks to a massive campaign of scare tactics. But even the New York Times commented that the anger expressed in Scotland against Westminster’s policies—in favor of the super-rich, imperial wars, etc.—is paradigmatic of the growing anger of the populations of the United States and the Eurozone about the blatant failure of the establishment’s policy.

In stark contrast, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are proceeding to build an alternative economic system and have declared themselves optimistic, noting that China and India together account for 35% of the human race and are together writing the screenplay for the future.

Indeed, Xi’s three-day state visit to India represents a qualitative breakthrough in Sino-Indian relations. Not only does China intend, in the next five years, to invest $20 billion in the expansion of India’s rapid transit systems, the modernization of its railway stations, industrial parks, power transmission equipment, and auto parts production—it also wants, in return, to open its market for Indian pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, and films. Other agreements were reached on cooperation in the development of nuclear energy, the peaceful use of space, a sister-city relationship between Shanghai and Mumbai, as well as cultural exchanges, and—especially importantly—it was agreed to prioritize settling the country’s outstanding border dispute, once and for all.

Solving this question threatens to leave the Western media and think-tanks with nothing left to say that would satisfy their need, bordering on the absurd, for nitpicking. Failing to recognize the grand design behind this summit, the Western media have tried to outdo one another in describing only the supposed geopolitical conflicts of interest between the two nations.

“No man is a hero to his valet; not, however, because the man is not a hero, but because the valet is a valet,” wrote Hegel in his Phenomenology, describing this state of mind. What these media representatives and think-tanks don’t understand, from their petty, geopolitical perspective, is the qualitative change that has been underway for more than a year, with Xi’s New Silk Road policy, and the drive of the BRICS countries for real development. More and more countries of Asia, Latin America, and Africa are defying the conditionalities of the IMF and World Bank and are creating their own development banks, the AIIB [Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank], NDB [New Development Bank], and a bank of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which are dedicated to financing only real economic projects and not speculation.

Underlying this is the determination to finally tackle the shift from underdevelopment and poverty, to the defense of the general welfare of their people. What the scribblers and talking heads cannot imagine, is that there are governments today that truly represent the interests of their nations and of mankind—and not those of the banks, as is common in Europe and the United States.

The growing alliance of the BRICS countries [Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa], the Union of South America (UNASUR) countries, and the ASEAN and SCO members in Asia, in which such countries as Egypt, Nicaragua, and South Korea must also be counted, is not only joined by the common perspective of economic development, but also by the recognition that the current strategy of confrontation against Russia on the part of the U.S. administration, Great Britain, NATO, and the EU, is causing the imminent threat of global thermonuclear war.

– Threat of World War –

[Note — in actuality WW3 is greatly desired now by the controlling criminal cabal centered in the City of London — but — the legal takedown of this bunch of psychopathic gangsters is imminent — and those still attempting to use lies and deceptions to trick the American people into buying yet another phoney war has 1) already been exposed and 2) will NOT be allowed to occur — and, in fact, has already been thwarted several times (at least four times.)  Otherwise, the world would have already experienced nuclear annihilation long ago.  You have to understand that the insane criminals who desire this ‘scorched earth policy’ are right now in a state of suicidal despair and eaten up with anger and hate for having failed in their tyrannical goals so miserably.  They are being watched right now and monitored very carefully.  Every move that they attempt is fully scrutinized.  This controlling criminal cabal of the west has already lost big-time in their gamble for world hegemony through perpetual war and financial manipulation (they well know it) and what remains is only the clean-up job, mass arrests and public Nuremberg type trials.  Keep that in mind as you read what Helga has to say.  She is using conventional logic and knowledge rather than the inside covert awareness as are all the public world leaders.  This is for the sake of communication with the masses, who as of yet, are not fully aware of what is actually taking place due to the 100% cabal controlled news media.  RRS]

Prof. Han Xudong of the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army, in an extraordinary article headlined, “As Possibility of a Third World War Exists, China Needs To Be Prepared,” deals with this question. “As the Ukrainian crisis deepens, international observers have become more and more concerned about a direct military clash between the US and Russia. Once an armed rivalry erupts, it is likely to extend to the [rest of the] globe. And it is not impossible that a world war could break out,” he wrote in the People’s Daily on Sept. 16. “…Currently, the world has entered an era of new forms of global war. Outer space, the Internet and the sea have become the battlefields of rivalry… China should not be pushed into a passive position where it is vulnerable to attacks. We must bear a third world war in mind when developing military forces, especially the sea and air forces.”

Pope Francis said essentially the same thing, on the occasion of a commemoration of the outbreak of World War I. “A third world war in pieces” is already being waged, with crimes, massacres, destruction, he said. And German historian Michael Stuermer, writing in Die Welt, gave the diagnosis that since the Ukraine crisis began, world politics has found itself in an experimental mode, in which the time-tested rules of crisis prevention and crisis management have been thrown overboard, and senior staff are inexperienced in the management of emergencies. The saber-rattling, he wrote, fails to take account of the limitless possibilities of destruction and self-destruction. The security architecture that emerged during the Cold War and that ended in German unification—amazingly, without catastrophe—was an era of undeclared small wars with no beginning and no end, extending from Indochina/Vietnam to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. In the Ukraine crisis, he wrote, both sides have acted without a goal or an exit strategy; nobody knows where it will end. One escalation drives another, and the reasoned imperatives of the long nuclear peace seem to be forgotten.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, for his part, addressed the situation at an economic conference in Sochi recently: “Essentially the entire system of European security is threatened, as well as fundamental values, further globalization, and basically the entire concept of peaceful development. I have a feeling that the West has completely forgotten that Russia has its own national interests. History clearly shows that all attempts to exert pressure on Russia by such measures [sanctions], have been in vain. We will not give in to any political blackmail. We are the largest country in the world, a nuclear power in which 150 million people live, an area with immense natural resources and a huge market for goods, services, and investments. The West, however, acts as though Russia simply does not exist on the world map.”

From the Chinese military to the Pope, the Russian government, and growing segments in all European nations, people see that World War III has actually already started, that all the rules of war prevention have been thrown overboard and there is actually no longer a security system. Why then do we not immediately pull the emergency brake and stop this madness, this train that is hurtling at full speed toward a wall behind which there is only a great void?

– Call for an Emergency Conference –

We immediately need a global emergency conference with only a single theme: How should a global, inclusive security architecture be designed which guarantees the existence and security of all nations on the planet?

[Yes, indeed the people’s of the world need communication as never before.  Many of us desire World Peace and know that it is a very real possibility.  We already have the proven help and assistance of very advanced civilizations from elsewhere — but — WE of planet earth must take the lead because this is our planet and we are responsible to be her wise stewards.  However, there is no doubt that we have ET help, encouragement and support. RRS]

It is obvious that the strategic crisis began with the broken promises to Russia at the time of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, namely that NATO would never be extended up to the borders of Russia. We must start again from that point and the equally obvious point, that in 1991, there were no convincing reasons to exclude Russia from alliances, but rather to expand NATO and the EU further to the east; the intention to encircle Russia and eventually render it indefensible can no longer be denied.

President Xi has repeatedly argued that there can be no security structure that grants security only to a few states, while others remain in chaos and danger; only an inclusive security architecture can guarantee world peace. Precisely such a security architecture, which encompasses all States, must urgently be placed on the agenda, if we do not want to collectively kill ourselves off.

The obvious economic basis for such an inclusive security approach is the New Silk Road program, which China is working to bring about and whose spirit the aforementioned alliances have embraced. The Chinese government has repeatedly stressed that this New Silk Road is an open concept, which every nation can join.

The human species will survive only if we learn the lessons of the two world wars of the 20th Century and stop thinking in geopolitical categories. We must replace this imperial, oligarchical approach with a new paradigm: that the common aims of mankind are the priority for everyone. This is also the view of “the coincidence of opposites” that Nicholas of Cusa put forward in the 15th Century, in his Coincidentia Oppositorum: that this is the only way to achieve “concordance in the macrocosm.”

Now we have arrived at the point where our survival as a species depends on achieving this level of thinking.

[Yes, Helga has great insight. RRS]

The Truth About 911 Finally Reaches Main-Stream-Media

Today I offer to everyone some very important news. We are about to have the thirteenth anniversary of the traitorous controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buildings on Sept. 11, 2001.

Think about the past 13 years of the worst and most murderous tyranny in the entire history of planet earth that began on that day of deception and despotic lies. And it was all insidious propaganda pushed down the unsuspecting American people’s throats via the lies of slick salesmanship.

At long last — the veils are now taken away forever and the heinous tyrants must now be brought to justice — or else, America and all she ever stood for is gone forever.

But — you see — some of us knew from the very beginning that this was a classic controlled demolition.

So . . . where does America go from here?

Edward Bernays Helped Guide Our Society Into Lies — Propaganda — and Mindless Consumerism

Edward Bernays had an extremely important influence upon our present civilization and culture and very few people know who he is or anything at all about him.

He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and is known as “the father of Public Relations.”

Both of them believed that people must be controlled – that mass democracy could only work if popular consent was engineered. Bernays was also convinced that the best way to control people in a mass democracy was to render them passive consumers – by triggering a continuous irrational desire to consume and satisfying it with consumer goods.

(Click this link to read more)

Now . . . here I present to you the most important and yet one of the least known documentaries that you will find anywhere.

The Century of the Self – Edward Bernays the “Father of Public Relations” . . . (Propaganda)

Here’s Why NASA Never Returned To The Moon

Public Chemtrail Hearing in Shasta California

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Derived Source:

Video: SHASTA, CA Hearing on Covert Chemtrail Operation


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Video: SHASTA, CA Hearing on Covert Chemtrail Operation
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 19-Jul-2014 08:47:47

Published on Jul 17, 2014 By Roxy Lopez
Subject: Chemtrails
Public hearing July 15th, 2014 Shasta County Air Quality Management Board Discussing GEOENGINEERING CHEMTRAILS R-7

Expert Testimony
Dane Wigington opens the argument with the destructive chemtrails overall view., USAF Weatherman/Wildlife Biologist Alan Buckman,Biologists-scientist Francis Mangels, Airline Pilot Jeff Nelson discusses the contrail VS Chemtrail, Neurologists,
Russ Lazuka USAF Vet talks about Evergreen Aviation, Planes with no passengers on board, no squack codes (more formally transponder code), a four-digit number sent out by an aircraft’s , and over a mile long chemtrails Dr.Frank Lavosse also a pilot (steps in for Fred Meyers) talks about chemtrails in Hawaii, Quebec, Maine, Mass. talks about those employees who load these planes are in Hazmat outfits, 25% increase in lung problems because of micronized aluminum, Mark MacCandlish, secret clearance in USAF, consultant to Aerospace Companies, worked on classified systems discusses the size of NANO and what it means. MacCandlish states:
“When you look up at the sun and you see a white haze, that is aluminum floating in the air right now, and it’s coming from the aircraft.”

He also discussed how chemtrails suppress the immune system, simply by breathing the air.

NASA conducted a program called metalized hybrid fuel systems. ,Dr. Steve Davis resident of 30 years of Shasta speaks of the contaminants.
“People that are loading their planes with the chemical are dressed in complete hazmat outfits,” one man said at the meeting, according to KCRC.
“So if this is not harmful, why are they in a complete hazmat outfit?”
The Shasta County board voted to send information from the meeting to the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, as well as legislators.

They plan to see if a local national park has access to equipment that can measure nanoparticles in the environment to measure the potential for chemicals.

“They say they have a lot of science, they presented us a lot of information and I think it’s important for us to have that public discussion,” Supervisor Pam Giacomoni said of the group that spoke at the meeting, according to the Record Searchlight.

Other discussions: The ultimate issue goes beyond the board of Supervisors
Federal and States codes, regulations,& limitations and policies were discussed. Air Quality Management issues rules, development, maintenance of monitoring equipment etc.
The district feels that this is beyond there local capacity regarding the complaints filed today.

He stated that aluminum is monitored. Other items Discussed were reduction of diesel vehicle emissions through grant programs ( retrofitting or replacing engines) and he stated that the expert testimonies today may very well be attributed to diesel emissions as well.


Air Quality Management District took a vote and it was unanimous to further look into the matter of nano aluminum environmental disaster caused by chemtrails, and a DEMAND for a response.

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SHASTA, CA Hearing on Covert Chemtrail Operation