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Edward Bernays Helped Guide Our Society Into Lies — Propaganda — and Mindless Consumerism

Edward Bernays had an extremely important influence upon our present civilization and culture and very few people know who he is or anything at all about him.

He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and is known as “the father of Public Relations.”

Both of them believed that people must be controlled – that mass democracy could only work if popular consent was engineered. Bernays was also convinced that the best way to control people in a mass democracy was to render them passive consumers – by triggering a continuous irrational desire to consume and satisfying it with consumer goods.

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Now . . . here I present to you the most important and yet one of the least known documentaries that you will find anywhere.

The Century of the Self – Edward Bernays the “Father of Public Relations” . . . (Propaganda)

The Galactic Federation of Light

Look up -- fear not

Look up — fear not


_UmmacDanWebinar200x2001183-0The Galactic Federation of Light is a vast cooperative of benevolent and highly advanced space civilizations consisting of many species from many different worlds of time and space who all have the same basic intention and the same motivating inner vision.  

This sublime intention is to uplift and nourish all life and it is what we existing upon this planet are about to learn.  We have outside assistance in the form of superb mentorship, and this is already guiding us into an entirely different way of thinking about who and what we are as well as our purpose and mission.

They have informed us through one of  their direct contactees, Sheldon Nidle, that the terrible space wars that went on for millenia after millenia came to an end in 1994 when  the Anchara Alliance signed the Galactic Peace Declaration.

At last, we of planet earth can fulfill our destiny without the age-old hinderance of tyranny and the suicidal stupidity of war.

The GFL uplifts and nourishes all life in order that an emerging species (such as us) having already reached a certain development — might greatly accelerate its spiritual and physical transition into a higher dimension (ascension) — and more creatively express its inner potential while learning through mentorship how to grok and correctly decode (and decipher) the energetic signatures of any information field.

This training by the GFL is not imposed — but is entirely voluntary. Many of us already see this unprecedented opportunity and more and more will also as the disclosure of these events becomes becomes known.  The gradualness of disclosure is in order not to overwhelm us.  Things unfold step at a time and will gradually be accelerating as the truth unfolds.  Individual human sovereignty is respected as sacred by the advanced ET beings of the light.

The GFL have already been interfacing with this earth frequency since the very beginning of earth’s creation.  This is occurring now especially because the time has come for earth humans to make our important transition into Galactic Citizenship and join in Universal service with the Galactic Federation of Light.

Many many people all across this planet have already been voluntarily undergoing mentorship (of various levels and intensities) with these highly advanced and deeply wise ET intelligences.

My contact began on August 15, 1967 and has continued to unfold and intensify.

Although the GFL ships (which are transdimensional beamships) are often seen in our skies in ever increasing numbers, their preferred method of communication at this stage is telepathy. Each and every human being on earth has the innate ability to telepath. It is interwoven into our genetic makeup. This is a necessary tool for our growth and is in the process of developing.

The major obstacle to open physical contact has been the present rigorous control paradigm on our planet which is trying desperately to cling to an old, dead, worn-out and very selfish system of rigid control based upon scarcity, fear, violence, survival, competition, greed, arrogance, ignorance and egotistical pride.  These things are completely contrary to the unfolding potential of the innate Universal flow of life itself. Therefore, such a false and contrary ignorant system is doomed to complete extinction.

These people who dare to call themselves “world leaders” are not qualified to lead themselves, much less anyone else.

This long system of ever expanding and metastasizing control is now finished and is presently in the process of collapsing into dust and ashes.  Can you see it?  Just look around you.

Like the Phoenix — an entirely New Paradigm is now arising simultaneously with the collapse. This shift of the ages will include our Galactic Citizenship and is the beginning of an entirely new epoch.  There is nothing in the past to compare with it at all.

Toward the goal of uplifting and blessing all life — the present dark control paradigm — which is an evil criminal cabal of thugs and gangsters now in control of the world’s financial system and has completely hijacked the United States government and several other governments — is about to be brought down completely in order that a complete transformation might take place.

Justice — real justice — restorative and distributive justice — is now about to be accomplished.

Arrests and prosecutions have already begun at the lower levels. The day of reckoning is rapidly approaching those “movers and shakers” up on the very pinnacle of the pyramid of tyranny and despotism.

I will present information about this huge and very important event as it unfolds and develops.  

Selected channeled information from several sources will be presented, as well as important news developments about the takedown of the criminal cabal as it snowballs.   It has already taken much longer than was originally thought (by us).  However, the timing on this is not up to mankind at all — but is strictly according to precise Divine timing.  The final outcome however, is sure — and it will be in accordance with the highest good for all concerned.